How to Log In

Learn how to log in, set passwords, reset forgotten passwords, and navigate the Dashboard effectively for seamless communication management.

Payment Methods

Keep your UC Portal account active by managing payment methods. Choose between Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card, and easily add, edit, or set a primary payment method.


Dive into the rich insights of your communication journey with the UC Portal's Call History feature. From detailed reports to personalized filters, master your call analytics effortlessly.

Callflow Management

Discover how to Create an IVR, Park Calls, or Divert them and much more with our comprehensive callflow management section.

Call History

Dive into the rich insights of your communication journey with the UC Portal's Call History feature. From detailed reports to personalized filters, master your call analytics effortlessly.


Unleash the full potential of your communication strategy with Callflows in the UC Portal. Customize call routing, set up IVRs, and optimize Off-Net Call Routing effortlessly.


Effortlessly manage your Contact Directory by uploading lists, enabling Click to Call, and searching with ease.

Creating an IVR

Enhance your caller experience with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system using the UC Portal. Follow these step-by-step instructions to configure an IVR, add audio files, assign options, and link it to your numbers.

Device Functions

From setting up BLF (Busy Lamp Field) for call monitoring to configuring Call Parking for effective call management, this guide covers a range of functionalities to enhance your communication system. Ensure smooth operations by customising device functions based on your business needs.

Flow Switch

Unlock the power of Flow Switch in your UC Portal for swift call routing adjustments. Learn to create, configure, and control Flow Switch seamlessly in this insightful guide.

Hot Desking

Unleash the power of Hot Desking with our step-by-step guide! Learn to seamlessly set up, link call flows, configure devices, and utilize this dynamic feature for flexible workspace management.

Music on Hold

Enhance your callers' on-hold experience by updating Custom Music on Hold in the UC Portal. Follow these steps to upload audio files and set personalized hold music for your callers. Make sure to use license-free music, and customize the on-hold experience for your customers.

Time of Day

Customize call routing with Time of Day (ToD) in the UC Portal. Set rules based on hours, days, months, and holidays, enhancing call management flexibility.


Configure user roles and privileges in the UC Portal. Add employees as Users, assign roles like Customer Administrator, Regular User, and set individual telephony preferences.

Disaster Recovery

Discover essential disaster recovery strategies for uninterrupted business communication. From call overflow plans to messaging solutions, ensure your communication remains resilient.


Discover the potential of Groups in the UC Portal! Learn how to effortlessly create, customize, and optimize group functionalities for seamless collaboration and effective call flow integration in this comprehensive guide.

How to Create a Callflow

Learn the essentials of creating a Ring Element Callflow in the UC Portal. Tailor call routing, manage endpoints, and optimize settings for an efficient communication strategy.

Managing Your Voice Mailbox

Master the management of your UC Portal voicemail with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to add a mailbox, configure its settings, and access voicemail messages through various methods, ensuring efficient communication management.


Understand how to link numbers to call flows, add new numbers, and ensure proper configurations for seamless communication. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for effective number management in the UC Portal.

DTMF Codes

DTMF, or dual-tone multi-frequency is the sound you hear when you dial different numbers on your phone. This generates a code that is used to signal the user’s intended action when the different numbers are dialled in combinations

Avoiding Basic Network Issues

Explore our guide on avoiding common VoIP network issues! Tackle challenges like spam calls, ghost calls, one-way audio, and dropped calls. Optimize your network for seamless communication.

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