Nameer Kazzaz, Group CTO


Nameer Kazzaz is one of the leading IP telephony experts in Europe, with a special interest in open source technology and its application to both traditional and the emerging Cloud Telephony.

Educated in Iraq and England, Nameer holds multiple qualifications in computer science, electronics and engineering. Since 1998, Nameer has been pioneering the application of IP Telephony in the private and public sectors. He was responsible for the introduction of one of the first mobile VoIP networks, has deployed some of the largest soft-switch environments in the world, and is a regular contributor to global conferences on the subject of IP telephony, Security, Enum, Next Generation Networks, IMS and Voice in general.

Together with the Blueface engineering team, Nameer is responsible for delivering the technology behind Blueface’s vision of 21st century telephony.