How does VoIP work?

By Neil Doyle on January 11, 2016 in Communications, Technology

Every now and then, technological advancements bring along a better way of doing something.  Over the course of history, society has accepted electricity is more powerful than candlelight, cars travel further than horses and email is more efficient than a telegram. We as a society welcome change and thrive on the advancements these changes bring. […]

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How can VoIP benefit your business?

By Neil Doyle on November 24, 2015 in Business, Communications, Technology

Disruptive innovation is a continuum. We as a species have an unrelenting appetite for developing improved technologies. From our ancient ancestors inventing crude hunting spears, to the wheel, to the infamous assembly line that produced Henry Ford’s Model T, new technologies have disrupted and replaced the old by offering significant benefits to users. In the […]

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10 Tips for Your Company before Entering a New Market

By Neil Doyle on November 23, 2015 in Business

Businesses are ready to branch into new markets once they are well established and flourishing in their home market. The main key to succeed in a new market is ensuring you have a disciplined, well-planned out approach by investing a lot into a complete market analysis. At Blueface, we love to see Irish brands succeed […]

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5 characteristics of good communicators in business

By Neil Doyle on November 17, 2015 in Business, Communications

Communication is one of the most fundamental skills that we develop as human beings. As social entities, the overwhelming majority of us communicate with others at least once per day, every day in many different forms. The ability to articulate ideas and thoughts verbally and non-verbally is a wonderful thing. Admittedly though, despite the fact […]

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Growing Your Business In Europe at Dublin Chamber of Commerce

By Brian Martin on October 1, 2015 in Events

The morning of Wednesday 30th of September saw the Growing Your Business In Europe event take place in the comfortable surrounds of Dublin Chamber of Commerce. A number of speakers, which included Blueface CEO Alan Foy, gave their insights into scaling businesses in European markets to start the morning. In addition, a party of 10 […]

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Blueface Takes Part In The Ireland Fund’s Global 5k

By Brian Martin on September 28, 2015 in Events

The Blueface team were out in force on Saturday 26th September to support The Ireland Fund’s Global 5K: The Irish Run The World! Supporters of The Ireland Funds from 15 cities in 6 countries were taking part in a series of 5K runs over 30 hours covering 65km. Kicking off down under in Brisbane, the […]

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IP Desktop Phones: Far from Dying

By Brian Martin on September 25, 2015 in Business, Communications, Technology

Over the past few years, there has been a common perception that IP desktop phones are on the verge of dying. Yes, it’s true that landline telephony is on the decline, VoIP ‘landline’ calls are on the rise. This assumption stems from people believing that landline telephony usage is on a rapid decline owing to […]

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Join the Ireland Funds 2nd Annual Global 5K

By Brian Martin on September 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Join Blueface and the Ireland Funds on Saturday, September 26, 2015 in Monkstown Rugby Club, Sandymount, Dublin 4 for the 2nd Annual Global 5K. Following the global success of last year’s event, we’re delighted to be sponsoring this fun run again. The event will kick off at 11:30am with registration open from 11:00am. Blueface will give […]

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Blueface Delighted To Sponsor SMEs At 2015 Web Awards

By Brian Martin on September 4, 2015 in Business, Events

Blueface is delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring the Medium SME category at The Realex Payments Web Awards 2015. The award ceremony will take place on October 15th in the beautiful surroundings of the RDS Concert Hall. Over 600 websites have been nominated for an award across 30+ categories ranging from news and […]

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