5 Touch Tone (DTMF) Tricks


By Joe Roche on July 13, 2018 in Blueface, Communications & VoIP, Technology

Blueface allows our customers to customise their entire phone system from the Unified Communications Portal but there are small changes you can make with a touch of the dial.

All Blueface VoIP-enabled hardware allows users to make quick changes, record calls, enter a conference and more. This post covers five quick tricks you can perform with your hardware.

Call Recording

For training and quality purposes, many of customers opt to have call recording set to always on, meaning that every call is recorded and uploaded to the Unified Communications Portal.

However, some information may be too sensitive (or too casual) to record so many of our customers opt to manually set it during a call.

DTMF Codes
Press *1 to activate call recording and press *2 to cease call recording.

Remember! Optional Call Recording must be selected for selective call recording to function. After a user enters *1, all subsequent calls — until *2 is dialled – will be recorded.

CLIR (Caller ID)

Caller ID is an effective for companies that do not want to broadcast their phone number. Businesses can adjust this feature from the Unified Communications Portal for all of their linked devices and they can also adjust using the device in front of them.

Dial *65 to activate calling line identification restriction and *85 to deactivate.

Activating CLIR will hide your number from call recipients — displaying as anonymous — allowing you to dial without fear of multiple unwanted call backs. Upon deactivation, your number will display again.

This feature is especially handy for executives, who are routinely hounded by sales calls or otherwise.

Call Back

Old faithful. Star Sixty Nine — as it has been popularised — allows businesses to instantly call back their most recent caller. This is providing they have deactivated CLIR, as it is ID dependant.

To call someone back, simply dial *69 and you’ll reconnect your last call.

This feature is also available on the Unified Communications Portal in the form of a “Click to Call” your last caller button. Simply click and connect.

Call Pick Up

A perfect companion for sales teams and account managers, Call Pick Up allows one team member to intercept another’s inbound calls.

Dial ** followed by the desired phone’s extension number to intercept associated inbound calls.

Missing a call can be costly for sales teams and the likelihood of this happening in an understaffed sales room is high. Use Call Pick Up to answer every call and keep your customers happy.

Call flows related to Call Pick Up can be set refined by logging into your Blueface Account on the Unified Communications Portal.

Do Not Disturb

Caller ID doesn’t stop the phone from ringing but DnD makes your phone completely unavailable for inbound calls.

This can help professionals allocate “quiet” periods where productivity and deliverables are their main focus, free from outside (or inside) distractions.

To gain some peace and activate DnD, simply dial *78. Dial *79 to make your line available to inbound calling again and get back to collaborating.

This option can also be configured from the Blueface Unified Communications Portal by visiting your user settings. Remember to reactivate your line, unless you would like a particularly quiet day.