5 More Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System This Summer

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By Brian Martin on July 17, 2018 in Blueface, Communications & VoIP, Technology

Last week, we covered five reasons to help you upgrade your business phone system including line rental, remote working, account customisation and more!

This week – as part of our summer series – we start with old on premises PBX maintenance and give you five more reasons to upgrade your business landline to a cloud PBX this summer.

Still Paying PBX Maintenance Fees

True Cost

Small changes to your business landline are one thing but if your business still has an old PBX system, you could be paying a small fortune for maintenance and upgrade fees.

Common PBX maintenance charges may include needing an expert for SIP configuration, updating various features or services, and the extra cost in adding lines. Features and user requirements for businesses are always changing.

A hosted solution affords businesses the flexibility they need to update their phone system and integrate their existing systems. The costs of paying third-party vendors to access services your phone system doesn’t have or updating the PBX every time an employee leaves or joins can also lead to high maintenance charges.

The average PBX maintenance fees can reach upwards of €5,000 per year. With our hosted solution unified communications server, all updates are automatic.

Upgrading to the cloud-based telephony with Blueface’s business phone system saves you time and money from dealing with PBX maintenance fees.

No Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing
According to the BCT Report, 34% of companies still outsource their conferencing to a third party, despite it being included in the portal.

Often businesses do not have the line allocation, software, or hardware to accommodate conference bridge traffic and they end up paying a fee to use a feature that comes with most new phone systems. Call conferencing can become expensive depending on the duration of the call, the amount of participants, and the additional features or services needed.

Blueface customers can host voice-only call conference from their Unified Communications Portal. Customers can also create a conference room pin via the Blueface UC Portal and give access to the attendees of the meeting while also being able to manage them in the portal.

This allows conference calls to happen locally and internationally.

In addition to this, Blueface UC features robust video conferencing with screen sharing and easy in-app administration.

Video is also very helpful with being able to maintain the customer closeness by having a face-to-face interaction online without leaving the conference room. Video conferencing allows enhanced real-time collaboration with inbuilt instant messaging and screen sharing abilities.

No Call Statistics

Call reporting

Businesses — from SME to large enterprises — rely on data to refine their operations, gain a competitive advantage and most importantly, improve decisiveness.

Old on-premises PBX and outdated VOIP systems often lack this feature, making it difficult to define issues and refine business call flows, inside sales and customer support operations.

Customers have the opportunity to view and download their call history along with insights for individual users and across your organisation. Get call costs, destination numbers, call direction, date and more to analyze performance and cost in detail.

Features in the UC Portal allow the user to view their users, devices, account details, different call metrics and more to look at their business operations.

The call flow designer allows you to simply set up your phone system and make any changes that take effect instantly, such as with IVR and time of day routing.

Blueface provide call reporting and allow customers to refine their phone system from the Unified Communications portal in real-time. Users can make changes using the UC Portal for things like adding a new line, changing the display name or any other kind of setting.

Real-time call statistics allows users to see call charts on the Blueface dashboard, displaying the total amount of inbound and outbound calls for the past 30 days in an interactive chart.

No Caller ID

Caller ID
Missing calls without Caller ID can cause confusion internally and externally. Companies without Caller ID find it difficult to preemptively identify where the call is coming from and if it is one of your employees or a customer or business.

Internally, it can display an employee’s name, group, and externally various businesses use it to communicate and broadcast who is calling. The Blueface United Communications Portal and our suite of Devices all feature Caller ID as standard.

When transferring calls or even making phone calls in general, have Caller ID linked to a user will let the whole phone exchange process much easier and know who is calling (almost) every time. Users can also download their call history and review the IDs of incoming and outgoing calls from the unified communications portal.

Cannot Sync Address Book Contacts

Sync Contacts

Unified Communications allows users to sync their phone book to any device. Unlike traditional phone systems, your contacts are not limited to your office communications as any device can view and click-to-call your contacts from the Blueface UC Platform.

Blueface UC allows users to manage their contacts from the Unified Communications Portal or their Softphone enabled device. Blueface Softphone (iOS & Android) also allows users to view their call history and reconnect with any missed callers in an instant.

Global business requires mobility of information, make sure the most essential contact details are at your fingertips with Blueface.

Need a refresher?

As many businesses use summer to refocus and fix some capital expenditure, now is the perfect time to plan your upgrade to gain more features, fewer lines and more peace of mind. Need a reminder about why you need to upgrade Unified Communications and enhance the way your business collaborates this summer?

– Still Paying PBX Maintenance Fees
– No Call Conferencing
– No Call Statistics
– No Caller ID
– Cannot Sync Address Book Contacts

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