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15 common objections to moving to blueface

By Brian Martin on June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Choosing to move supplier across any service in your business is an important decision. If it goes wrong, it can not only cost your company time and money to reverse the move, it also reflects badly on you for making the decision.

Of making a positive decision to switch phone provider can result in cost savings, increased capabilities for your company and the kudos that goes with being the person to make change happen.  Educating yourself on the new provider in advance of making the move is the best thing you can do to de-risk any move.

This free whitepaper on Addressing VOIP Buyer Concerns has been designed for you and other stakeholders in your business considering:

  • Moving phone provider
  • Changing phone system
  • Exploring new technologies in communications
  • Reducing telecoms expenditure

Moving to Blueface is a fundamentally different experience when coming from a traditional phone provider such as Eircom. There are differences in technology, cost and capabilities you’ll enable for your business that you should be aware of.

Did we miss a concern you might have? Drop us an email at and we’ll be glad to answer.

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