To Arthur…TOP UP before ‘bottoms up!’

By Brian Martin on September 21, 2011 in Blueface

What a great week for Ireland eh?

The National Rugby team triumph in New Zealand, this year’s All Ireland Final provides one of the most entertaining football matches in recent memory and ‘Arthur’s’ is just a day away. We at Blueface never like to miss a chance to promote a bit of generosity and this time is no different, so make sure to Top-Up your account tomorrow, Sept 22nd, to get a whopping great big 17.59% extra on your purchase. For those of you who haven’t figured out why we chose 1759, have a quick look at the little logo on that glass you’re holding tomorrow, you’ll probably figure it out, if not, then you’re probably drinking from the wrong glass.

The Promotion is simple. Log in to your account, top-up, get rewarded.

In keeping with the tradition of raising a glass on Arthur’s Day we’d like to raise your Pay As You Go Balance with a bonus 17.59%. All you have to do is purchase any amount of PAYG credit on September 22nd and we’ll immediately add 17.59% to whatever value you top up by. Simple as that.

The top up promotion is open to all Business and  Home customers so don’t miss out, as it’s for one day only. That is until we launch another exciting offer next month.


The Blueface Team.

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