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Feargal Brady, Blueface, DMA 2010

By Brian Martin on March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Blueface were at the Digital Media Awards last Thursday and it was nice to see such an array of talent across all of the categories. We sponsored the Best in Blogging category where the competition was intense. Ronan Lyons was selected by the judges in the end as overall winner for his entry at

This is a collection of Ronan’s analyses on the economy and it is well worth a visit on a regular basis. It is fantastic to see such prodigious talent make their work available for general consumption. That is the great thing about blogging in one sense – it democratizes information and can make it so much more accessible than academic commentary.

Its not always necessary to dumb down material to make it palatable, it’s just necessary to explain it well. I have to confess to being a big fan of independent economic thinking and informed analysis. Incidentally, for those people interested in the genesis of our current global crisis, Joseph Stiglitz’ books ‘The Roaring Nineties, provides excellent background material.

Nouriel Roubini’s website, is also full of useful and in some cases essential commentary and background material. Many informed analysts and economists had been predicting this global financial crisis for many years, and of course, Ireland was severely affected by it for a variety of reasons.

I read recently an article which described Credit Default Swaps as like taking out insurance on your neighbour’s house – you have an inherent interest in seeing it burned down! So Ronan Lyons’ blog is of particular interest at a time like this when many people are looking for answers and informed well-reasoned commentary.

All of the other entries were highly rated too – the Gold Medal winner Brightspark contains a wealth of information and should be required reading for anyone involved in online marketing or marketing in general. This is a source of free advice and tips which is continuously updated with real-life examples, so it is relevant, insightful and doesn’t cost anything!

Curious Wines is a wonderful blog full of information on wine from all over the world, with additional material on food and wine matching, recipes and all sorts of other treasures. The Story is at the same time heart-breaking and inspiring and I challenge anyone to remain unmoved – donate here

The Story – is another example of information and analysis brought to the public from an independent source. There’s nothing quite so powerful as information and having a source to arm oneself with the background to many of the current affairs stories in Ireland is invaluable. The people should not be afraid of the state – the state should be afraid of the people! is the home of Damien Mulley whom I was looking out for on Thursday but unfortunately failed to meet up with. I’m a big fan of both the blog and the informative and irreverent views on current affairs.

The Grand Prix award was won by Kavaleer Productions for a beautiful animated feature and there was a special award for grannyogrimm which is up for an Oscar for best animated short film.

Overall the breadth of talent on display was inspiring. It is reassuring to know that despite the current climate and the gloomy outlook, the future for this particular sector is bright.

Thanks to all at Ashville for superb organisation and to all the entrants for having the courage to stand up and be counted.


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