Blue Faces for Blue September. Get involved.

By Brian Martin on September 9, 2011 in Blueface

We are delighted to announce our support for Blue September.

Blue September is celebrated in USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and now it has come to Ireland! Blue September is an international men’s health campaign that seeks to tackle the fact that men are far more likely to develop and die of cancer than women. It is a fun way of delivering a serious message and we at Blueface support the idea in spades.

By painting faces blue, delivering simple health messages and fundraising for Irish cancer charities it is a way of breaking down barriers of discussing men’s health. As well as helping men reduce the risk of developing cancer by making better lifestyle choices the campaign seeks to raise funds for cancer care in Ireland. We would urge our customers to consider donating to one of the charities mentioned on the BlueSeptember site or simply take this time to go get a check up at your local GP. For those of you looking to making a bigger impression, you may want to consider something like this.

We’ll be getting involved where we can, and so should you! so get those face paints out and make this September Blue!

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