Blueface and Star2Star Join Gartner UC Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant

By Joe Roche on October 23, 2018 in Blueface, Communications & VoIP

ON OCTOBER 11, 2018, Blueface and Star2Star joined communication technology giants in Gartner’s 2018 UCaaS Magic Quadrant. The distinction positions Blueface as a best-in-class provider of cutting-edge cloud communications solutions.

Gartner UC Magic Quadrant Defined

UCaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner appraises Unified Communications providers by six key metrics:

– Voice / Telephony
– Meeting Solutions
– Messaging
– Presence/IM
– Business Clients
– Business Integrations

The report champions the merger of Blueface and Star2Star, pricing, reliability and ability to deliver on time, as advertised.

Magic Quadrant Strengths

Magic Quadrant criteria examines a provider’s strengths and weaknesses, and positions each leading provider on a chart. Blueface and Star2Star excelled in the following areas:

– Competitive pricing, well suited to distributed sites via the cloud.
– Ability to serve the SMB section such as restaurants and retail chains.
– Resilient and can offer good voice quality over unmanaged broadband service.
– Investment in voice quality remediation capabilities to support remote sites.
– Users report good satisfaction levels across contracting, service support and product capabilities. They also value the call centre capability.
– Call recording, CRM integration, e-fax, billing and a new CPaaS capability.
– Well-suited for price-sensitive customers seeking reliable, high-quality voice communications over an unmanaged broadband internet connection (OTT).

Gartner UCaaS 2021 Prediction

Gartner UCaaS 2021

According to Gartner research, 90% of IT infrastructure managers will move away from premises-based equipment, opting for cloud-based Unified Communications by 2021. Blueface and Star2Star have a marketed advantage and the flexibility needed to innovate in an increasingly competitive industry.

The UCaaS industry is driven by voice but for incumbents to retain a competitive advantage and climb Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, the focus will be on improving:

The Unified Communications Portal
Blueface software developers are constantly redesigning and refining the UC Portal user experience. More control with an increasingly simple-to-use user interface.

Video and Collaboration
WebRTC Video Conferencing has been added to the Blueface and Star2Star Unified Communications Portal. Blueface browser-based video conferencing also allows audio-only dial-in with screen sharing and instant messaging integrations.

Global Reach
Blueface and Star2Star’s global network of partners and white label providers have expanded our global reach and network. Blueface and Star2Star’s multilingual documentation, support team and UC Portal are key market differentiators.

Extension Mobility
Applications such as the Blueface Softphone App will be developed to allow users more access to desktop Unified Communication Portal features. App advancements aim to include more workflow integrations.

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