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By Brian Martin on July 30, 2018 in Blueface

When I was beginning my internship at Blueface, I wasn’t sure about what to expect.

The first week was a lot of introductions and getting to know the company. I was learning about VoIP which I had never heard of before… I was also reading through the blogs and searching the website to get a better understanding of the services Blueface provides.

From the start of the internship, I could tell that it was going to be a fun learning experience.

Internship Starts!

Early in my internship during training, I was working with many different databases and software and getting an understanding of the different marketing activities of the company.

Working with Mailchimp, I was creating and organizing templates for newsletters, which included the newest blogs or updates from the company to send to customers and partners. I learned how to template the emails, add CTA buttons, link images (w/ alt text) and headings, and other formatting tools.

I learned about Google Analytics and Adwords and saw how website traffic and SEO can influence a user’s engagement with the website. I completed an SEO course where I learned about web page optimization, URL structure, keyword data, the value of links, and more about SEO in general.

Some other software I got an introduction to were Camtasia, Audacity, and a little bit of Photoshop. I liked getting an introduction into how various marketing content was being produced.

I learned how to analyze subject headings for the newsletters, add alt text for images for SEO purposes, and adding CTA buttons. Throughout my internship, I used Trello to keep track of my work and organize them into categories.

Blogs & Content

Engagement Tools

In the beginning, I was learning different databases such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Buffer, and getting an intro in Google Analytics and others.

As I started learning and working with WordPress, I didn’t know any HTML before but after the first week, it was very easy to work with. I was uploading and formatting content for blogs all the time. Adding headings, forms, breadcrumbs, call to action buttons, blockquotes, images, linking websites, and more.

When I started writing content, I was finding statistics and research that would be used to create and produce blogs in the near future. As I was researching different information and statistics, I was learning more and more every day and gaining a better understanding of VoIP and telecommunications.

Throughout my time, I’ve helped create content for blogs about IP Voice vs. Analogue, productivity tools, reasons to switch and also performed research for blog content. Once I understood things like Unified Communications and VoIP, it was very easy to find relevant research.

Blogs Published for Blueface
5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System This Summer and 5 More Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System This Summer, and Engagement Tools: Productivity Boost or Missing a Voice?.

In the last few weeks of my internship, I helped create and develop a sales content map for use of the sales teams.

It organizes the blogs into high and mid-level content as well as including content from ebooks, presentations, feature pages, documents, and more. I linked the blogs to the website and then included important keywords, live chat tags, and descriptions for the pieces of content.

Buffer/Social Posting


Every day started off by creating posts for social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I wrote social curated copy with content including blogs, testimonial, feature, ebook, job post, or any stakeholder-relevant piece.

French Features

As I am an International Business major with a French minor, I enjoyed being able to take my passion for the French language and incorporating it with my work. I was continuing to translate content while also increasing my French vocabulary to telecommunications topics.

I worked on translating various pieces of content for the website, including the contact us page, enterprise page, and various feature pages to increase customer French market engagement.

Blueface Culture

Team Building
Me, pictured far right at Techies for Temple St!

The Blueface Team were very welcoming and kind. I liked coming into work every day and chatting with my coworkers. Whether we were talking about the World Cup, Philadelphia Sports (Go Eagles!) – or anything else – I really enjoyed getting to know the team.

When it came to the July 4, we ordered BBQ for lunch and it felt like a little piece of home was with me. It was nice to have a mini American celebration with my coworkers.

I also joined the Blueface team in the Techies for Temple Street event where it involved members from different departments joining together to complete a “treasure hunt” throughout the city.

We had to solve puzzles and crack codes based on clues given, at different hotspots around the city in order to continue. It was a fun day getting to know more of the team members.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Blueface. I have learned so much about the different aspects of marketing, from creating and producing content for distribution, to learning about SEO and HTML coding and so much more.

The tools that I’ve worked with and the things I’ve learned over the past 8 weeks will definitely be useful as I finish my last two years at James Madison University and move into to the future.

Editor’s Notes

Rachel is the kind of professional that quickly makes you quickly forget that she is still studying. An exemplary professional, superlative scholar and an all-around lovely person to work with.

She’ll be studying for two more years at James Madison University in Pennsylvania but you can connect with her via LinkedIn.

Blueface is always expanding our team so – whether you’re aiming to intern or otherwise – we’d love to hear from you! Check out our careers page or get in touch with us via the contact us page (which Rachel translated).

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