Blueface SMS Sender ID Customisation

By Guillaume on March 23, 2010 in Business, Communications & VoIP, Feature, Technology

sms sender id

The ability to set the SMS Sender ID of any SMS sent via our website, as your private mobile phone number (rather than : ‘blueface’) has been requested by various customers either on our forum or on support emails.

It’s now possible!

The Sender ID can be set as your own mobile phone number after ownership has been verified. We obviously cannot allow anyone to send SMS with any ‘Sender ID’, that could lead to SMS spoofing and identity thefts problems.

The verification process is very quick and simple and is just the cost of a sending an SMS (a few cents):

  1. Login in and go to the ‘Text’ page, where you usually send SMS from

  2. Complete the form at the bottom, called ‘Verify my Sender Id’. You’ll be prompted for your mobile phone number, fill it and validate (remain on the page after validating!). A SMS will be sent with a verification code. The SMS is charged the usual price for the destination (7c for Irish mobiles for example).

  3. Within a minute you will receive the SMS. Enter the verification code on the page and validate.

  4. A notification message should appear on the page saying that your number has been approved. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the approval to be registered and activated. You will then be able to send SMS as your own mobile number.

We hope this addition will make the SMS feature much more handy to use, especially for our business customers.

You can also send SMS to multiple recipients at the same time by separating the mobile numbers by a comma. In the future, we may add additional functionality to make sending bulk emails easier. Let us know if you would find this a useful feature.

As always, if you have questions or feedback let us know!


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