Blueface & Star2Star Merger

By Alan Foy on January 4, 2018 in Blueface | Press, Business, Feature


On January 1, 2018, Blueface and Star2Star merged into a new company – StarBlue INC – in order to form one of the world’s leading (Top 5) Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) businesses.

Blueface will retain its branding and trading name in EMEA and we will continue to deliver innovative Unified Communications products, quality services and delivered with strong customer support.

Why Merge?

Since founding in 2004, our overarching goal has been to disrupt traditional telecommunications by provider better business communications technology and service. To achieve this, accelerated growth was essential.

As a combined company, Blueface and Star2Star aim to rapidly expand the geographies we serve. And, in addition, we shall bring further innovation-led offerings across a full spectrum of products to our partners and customers and to the wider marketplace.

Our combined companies’ can now offer a technology suite that represents one of the most innovative and dynamic in the marketplace. Watch this space (or subscribe to our newsletter) for new product releases we have been working on for 2018.

Why Star2Star?

Sarasota FL based, Star2Star is a globally recognized market-leader in the North America Unified Communications Market. So naturally, merging with Blueface will transform us into an overnight Top 5 global player in our industry.

Norman Worthington, Group Executive Chairman
“This merger of Star2Star and Blueface creates a combined company with the breadth of capability, reach and innovation to be a true global leader in the UC space.”

Secondly, Star2Star shares the same ethos and a culture that complements our own with an entrepreneurial and talented team.

What Will Change?

Blueface EMEA will operate with the backing of a wider group that has the financial support and stability that customers seek.

Our combined company will now employ well over 500 people across the globe (and will continue to expand). With that said, we are ever committed to maintaining our customer and partner closeness, both with our network infrastructure and with account management and support.

Customers will benefit from the growth in our product and service portfolio will grow rapidly, as will our global reach.

Alan Foy, Group CEO
“This merger positions the combined Blueface/Star2Star company as one of the leading platform and service providers that can service businesses of all sizes, partners and wholesale customers globally.”

Blueface has always been a customer-centric company with the goal of becoming the #1 Unified Communications business globally. With your continued support and feedback, we are now in an even better position to achieve this goal.

Thank you for your continued support.

Alan Foy
CEO — Blueface & Star2Star

To learn more about Star2Star, their ethos and why they merged with Blueface – visit their website.