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By Brian Martin on June 27, 2013 in Events

On a beautiful bright summer’s morning, it’s a joy to arrive into the busy town of Naas for the Tax Assist Seminar. This is the fourth seminar in the series and it’s about how to ‘Get your Mojo back into your business. I’m all set for hearing all about getting & maintaining my mojo! I’m a pretty positive person but there’s no doubt that sometimes I feel like my sparkle isn’t as bright as it might be.  Imelda Butler, Managing Director of Century Management, is our speaker and there’s no question that she has her mojo and Imelda shares the practical things we can do including a practical review of our activities as a means to assess our own motivation & effectiveness for maximum mojo. It was a real eye-opener and a great opportunity to meet other local business owners too.

Blueface are delighted to have sponsored this event and we hope there are more seminars after the summer so watch this space.

Speaker: Imelda Butler
Imelda Butler

Imelda Butler is Managing Director of Century Management, which she and her husband John set up in 1989 to partner with clients to help create business advantage by energising individuals, teams and companies to build grow turnaround or transform their business.

Based on her practical work with small and medium sized businesses over the past twenty five years, she has a proven track record and experience in helping clients deliver results coupled with a helicopter view into many businesses. Her expertise brings a big picture strategic perspective and thinking to each business and situation along with a focus on bottom line results.

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