Call forwarding : never miss a call wherever you ended up

By Guillaume on December 14, 2009 in Blueface

As part of the Top support queries, here is an article about a popular question regarding our call features.

How do I set forwards and diverts?

You need to login to and go to the ToolBox (4th tab of the customer menu).


In there you can do a LOT of cool stuff with your phone(s).

You will see a list of the phone numbers you have with us. You can’t modify the way Blueface extensions are called. Fax numbers are listed but cannot be modified here either (you can update the fax’s email in the Account Management page!).

For Irish geographic numbers you can change the way the call is routed : ring multiple numbers at once, specify backup phone numbers or SIP accounts if the phone is offline or already on a call.

The textbox in this section can support SIP accounts, mobile numbers, POTS numbers and IAX2 accounts.  You can also forward calls to a SIP account that is not a Blueface one.

You can also save your details into a ‘Profile’ and have various profiles so that you can easily load one when you need to make a quick change on your account. The use of profiles is not very user friendly. A few customers have already mentioned this and we have planned to improve this tool.

We have a few ideas to add new features around this tool, so stay tuned.

We have written a guide for this tool : Call forwarding tool.

If you need more information or have a question about this feature, do not hesitate to get in touch or visit our help section.


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