How call recording can benefit your business

By Kamila Cholko on May 31, 2017 in Business, Technology

Few businesses survive the first contact with a potential customer if they are unprepared. In order to thrive in a marketplace, companies need to constantly innovate and adapt. Striving for continual improvement involves analysing and adapting strategy in a variety of departments – chief amongst which are sales and customer support. One vital tool that is frequently overlooked in that regard is call recording.

Improved quality assurance and employee training are the most recognisable benefits of integrating call recording into your business.

The countless hours of interaction between staff and customers are an invaluable resource that firms can harness to understand what makes your customers tick, how you can improve their experience with your company and enhance sales performance, gain better insights into how products are used and subsequently increase revenue. Additionally, marketing efforts can be made more effective and impactful.

Every interaction with a client provides information on how a business can improve.

The low-cost primary research provided through call recording can impact everything from customer satisfaction and training methods to employee motivation and operational procedures.

If used correctly the knowledge gained can be translated into boosting your product or service to more adequately meet customer expectations.

By actively listening, crucial details that may have been missed can be captured and shared with specific team members. Learning how to craft positive customer experiences is imperative when it costs five-to-seven times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. It can be constructive to discern how customer service has evolved over time and even track certain changes made to compare with any fluctuations in sales trends.

Within this, identifying customers pain-points can also greatly assist marketing efforts. Gaining a realistic understanding of your customers helps to develop multi-dimensional personas to test new strategies. The call records are useful for content creation or even re-purposing old content for a company website. They also capture compelling customer stories which can, in turn, be used as part of future marketing campaigns at no extra cost.

Analysing call records allows firms to evaluate what elicits positive or negative responses and to identify any patterns in customer demands. It can also distinguish whether or not clients are receptive to an upsell opportunity at any point. This is a skill that employees can gradually hone through training – which is another significant upside of call recording.

Adopting call recording for training purposes facilitates personal development through constructive feedback on performance and grants an accurate perspective of strengths and weaknesses. Everyone from receptionists to top sales staff can benefit from subtle continuous coaching which encourages an atmosphere of self-improvement. The use of call records for training is particularly pertinent for quickly integrating new hires as demonstrations and lectures can only accomplish so much without conveying actual experience.

From a legal standpoint, call recording is a priceless form of insurance. It allows firms to take a proactive stance to reduce liability and defuse any situation before it escalates. Every business faces the possibility of legal action from customer disputes which usually stem from a miscommunication. It is vital to maintain a database of calls even for simple clarification purposes as legal cases could bankrupt a small firm. Furthermore, they can be used to improve regulatory compliance and thus reduce associated costs.

Call recording is a simple, economical tool that can optimise a variety of sections of the business through powerful direct insights. The combination of knowledge and awareness it provides are essential to formulating successful marketing, sales and customer support strategies for companies of all sizes. In order to continually progress as a business, it is necessary to build on this source of information to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Author: Dylan Fahy
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