Cloud Communications Summit and CCA Meeting in London

Cloud Communications

By Joe Roche on March 12, 2019 in Blueface, Business, Communications & VoIP, Events, Technology

Blueface was delighted to join and share insights with industry experts at the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) / Cloud Communications Summit (CCS) in London’s QEII Centre. Blueface attended in numbers as Luca Caralvi, Michael Clarke, Fiona Kearns, Nameer Kazzaz, Mano Ryan and Joe Roche attended.

As an event Silver Sponsor, Blueface was speaking and exhibiting at CCA and CCS respectively.

Cloud Communications Alliance Meetings

Matt Townend, Cavell Group

As a primer for CCS, CCA explored changes, challenges and the future of the telecommunications industry. The event was MC’d by none other than CCA President, Joe Marion.

Talks opened with presentations from Panasonic and Dialogic followed by an industry overview by Cavell’s Matt Townend. After more expert curation on the UCaaS industry, serial entrepreneur and author, John Straw looked towards the disruptive future of AI-driven innovation.

Prior to the Best Practices panel, Q Advisors’ Michael Quinn offered insights on what’s driving the telecommunications industry in 2019 and beyond.

CCA Panel
Luca Caralvi, Wholesale Director with the CCA Panel

Presentations concluded with an expert-driven global best practices panel featuring Netsapien’s Anand Buch and Simon Burckhardt from Vonage and Blueface’s own Luca Caralvi. Luca explored going global from a sales perspective and the cultural differences between Ireland and Italy.

Xavi Casajoana (VozTelecom), Mark Purdom-Inference Solutions, and Michielvan (Dis-EvolveIP) competed in the inaugural CCA CPaaS Challenge Cup (new name pending). Wowing the judges with Phone-C, VozTelekom’s Xabi Casajoana took the trophy back to Spain.

To close out the event, guests were treated to beautifully presented dinner in great company. Food was served, drinks were poured and ideas were shared around the tables.

The Cloud Communications Summit

Blueface CCS
Michael Clarke, Blueface Wholesale Delivery Manager

CCS offered solution providers an opportunity to understand the broader scope of the industry. Blueface and Star2Star CEO, Alan Foy appeared on the CCS Podcast to discuss the event and industry collaboration.

Alan Foy, Blueface and Star2Star CEO
Providers of other types of technologies on the edge of our market space are starting to play. We need to work, collaborate and entertain them when they come to town.

Exhibiting along with Blueface was a wide variety of vendors, wholesalers, integrators, platforms providers, network operators and more from the new communications ecosystem. These businesses illustrated Alan Foy’s point and Blueface is excited to work with many of them in the future.

CCS Magazine

Industry leaders took the CCS stage throughout the day and shared their experience with attendees, meanwhile, meeting rooms played host to partnership-driven innovation.

Thank you to everyone who visited the Blueface stand to chat and learn about Blueface’s services. The Blueface Team had the pleasure to speak with 100s of attendees and we will no doubt be a big presence at the next Cavell / CCA event.

Finally, a special mention to Cavell’s Francisca Dinga for helping Blueface maximise our attendance at both events.