Blueface UX Guest Lecture at Dublin Business School (DBS)


By Joe Roche on March 14, 2019 in Blueface, Events

The Blueface Development Team is dedicated to opening new methods for customers to oversee and control their communications. Devices, users, features, offices and even countries can be governed with intuitive UC Software.

Telecoms management was once a limited-to-IT process but has been simplified to suit every user thanks to user-focused design from our UX team. Blueface UX Designers Pritish K. Panda – a man who, justifiably, loves his name – and Eleni Kapsimali are central to this change in telecommunications processes.

Pritish K. Panda, Blueface UX Designer
What drives me? People, design, data and technology.

Being a champion of design-driven business, Pritish dropped into Dublin Business School to share his insights on UX’s modern business impact.

DBS Blueface UX Lecture

Virtual Console

Pritish detailed his journey as a professional, skills needed to become a UX designer and the companies that are doing it right. To illustrate the Blueface UX Team’s finesse, Blueface’s UXpert showed off the Unified Communications Portal features as well as handy tools and an experiment in UX-driven academic marketing.

Students were made aware that Blueface is hiring and, with the insight they had gained from his talk, would be equipped with the knowledge to decide if Blueface was for them.

Thank you to the organisers for inviting the Blueface Team in and for giving their students a platform to gain professional insights. Blueface was delighted to share their experience with Dublin Business School’s career-driven students.

Blueface is Hiring!

Think Blueface Software Development and Network Operations are for you? Apply on the Blueface Careers Page. As we grow we’re always hiring, so if you can’t find a role that suits you, check back in a few months, you may be our next UX addition!

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