Disaster Recovery for your Business

By Brian Martin on March 6, 2015 in Technology

Disaster Recovery Benefits of Blueface

It’s important to analyse the risks that face your business. At some point or other there may be some sort of unavoidable disaster that affects your company whether it’s a fire, severe weather, fraud, burglary, equipment failure, or even lost corporate knowledge.

While mobile phones have removed some of the risk associated with telecommunications, there’s no denying that most of the most important calls in business with customers, suppliers and partners still takes place over landlines. How badly would it affect your business if you were without landlines for a day or two?
Blueface offers your business a ready-made disaster recovery solution.


Using an on-premise IP PBX represents one single point of failure. If anything happened to this PBX it would affect all of the phones connecting back into this. Whereas using Blueface’s hosted phone system allows for you to distribute this risk. Blueface operates a split switch across two Irish data centres with our partners TelecityGroup. This means that if one of the data centres suffered a disaster, your Blueface service is unaffected.

Since Blueface runs over the top on broadband infrastructure it does allow you to avoid analogue line faults if you employ two broadband connections taking diverse routes.

Support Expertise

Using an on premise PBX requires an expert to maintain it and make changes. If this person is based in-house, it can represent a risk when that person leaves the company with intricate knowledge of how the office phone system is set-up.

Our cloud hosted PBX platform is manned by a team of NOC engineers that monitor it 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure the highest levels of availability. Blueface has built our own core solution investing over €1.5 million over the past 10 years to offer a best in class solution.

Instant Failover

When disaster strikes, it’s important to re-establish continuity to your business operations. If there’s an issue with accessing your physical office location and you’re relying on your PBX to make changes in call routing, it can be a messy ordeal to make a quick fix.

The biggest concern of a CEO around adopting Blueface is around the scenario of a broadband failure. How Blueface mitigates this is by diverting to mobiles or alternative numbers when this occurs. Phones are constantly pinged to check a connection exists and where this connection fails, the backup numbers kick in.

If this hasn’t been pre-set by a customer, Blueface offers an online portal that can be accessed by approved admin users to switch call routing instantly. For example in the case of heavy snow or floods, calls could be routed to employee’s mobiles or home office phones.

Home Office DR Solution

Many customers of Blueface provide their CEO or executive team with offsite Blueface handsets that mirror their main office phone set-up. This allows them to retain the same extension, DDI, voicemail and caller ID across both locations. While this is primarily to allow for more flexible working, it also provides a seamless disaster recovery solution.

Company Financial Position

Finally it’s important to ensure the company you select to provide your telecoms services will not go out of business. Ireland has unfortunately had telecoms companies in the recent past that have collapsed. Blueface is backed by Lord Iveagh of the Guinness Family and has been profitable each year.

Building in resiliency to your communications is easy with Blueface.

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