Disaster Recovery Made Easy

Disaster Recovery

By Brian Martin on February 15, 2018 in Blueface, Business, Communications & VoIP, Technology

Every time I sit down with a client to discuss their phone service – it’s different. They expect distinct features from their phone system, have different essential requirements with vastly varying budgets to allocate to their solution.

But there is one constant that is articulated to me in every meeting and that is that their phones are mission critical to their operation.

Brian Dervan, Enterprise Sales Leader
“If your phones are down then your business is at a standstill.”

“Disasters” – as strong as the word is – aren’t as rare as you think.

A disaster can be anything that puts an organisation’s operations at risk, from a cyber attack to equipment failures to natural disasters. The first thing many organisations will realise is that their phones aren’t working.

If your phones are down then your business is at a standstill.

Disaster Recovery

For some organisations Disaster Recovery (DR) is just a tick box exercise and is rarely tested until something bad happens. For others, it is such an important part of their daily operations that it is rarely far from their thoughts and continuously reviewed and monitored.


If the goal with DR is for a business to continue operating as close to normal as possible then disaster recovery process’ must include some planning and testing.

Brian Dervan, Enterprise Sales Leader
“The cloud has made a previously arduous and expensive undertaking an absolute doddle.”

Guess what…? Planning and testing cost time and resources. Very often when it comes to DR planning for phone services, the solution may involve a separate physical site for restoring operations or at the very least a host of phone lines that sit redundant while being paid for but almost never actually used.

Enter Blueface and our hosted telephony solution and these issues are a thing of the past.

The cloud has made a previously arduous and expensive undertaking an absolute doddle and we have leveraged this by adding more and more ways to facilitate remote working, diverting of numbers and seamless use of backup connectivity.

The best DR strategy for your phones is the one that you can implement seamlessly and cost-effectively, but most of all quickly. It’s all about what suits your organisation best. With Blueface you can match your DR capabilities with your needs. Very often there can be layers to this and which ones you implement are up to you.

The biggest fear when using VoIP is the loss of connectivity, so many organisations will have a backup broadband with another provider so if one drops then it will automatically fail over to their back up connectivity. Because our VoIP phone system works off any broadband then you should see no loss in service.


If you don’t have the resources to put in a backup broadband solution then we can re-route all calls without any human intervention.

Blueface UC can detect if your Disaster Recovery should not be the big fear it once was for your IT Manager.

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