20 Ways To Reduce Telecom Expenditure in Your Business

20 ways to reduce telcoms expenditure in your business

By Brian Martin on January 22, 2015 in Communications & VoIP, Uncategorized

This ebook offers practical steps to help your business do more for less and reduce telcom expenditure in your business. It includes an overview of line rental, roaming charges, hardware, extra features you might be overpaying for like softphone, voicemail, call conferencing and much more.

Read this whitepaper if you are:

  • In a decision making capacity around your telecoms offering
  • Overpaying for your telecoms services
  • Haven’t reviewed your business landline phone system, mobile, call conferencing, fax or service fees recently

It’s time you re-evaluated your set-up to maximise the cost efficiencies that businesses such as Blueface can provide with enhanced technology and service offerings.

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