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By Joe Roche on July 2, 2018 in Events, Technology

Blueface CTO, Nameer Kazzaz was honoured to sit by the fire and share his networking insights with attendees of Equinix’s Interconnected Era in Dublin’s Quay 14 Art Gallery.

The event celebrated Equinix 20 years in business, the rapid growth of interconnection and explored the future of the private internet exchange and Blueface was delighted to be part of it.

The event, organised by Equinix’s Laura English, was beautifully decorated and branded, with an impressive spread of food and drink for guests.

Digital disruption discussion was curated by representatives from Evros, Iguazio, Oracle and Origin, Clare Dillion and a litany of leading technology companies.

Speakers from wide-ranging business avenues spoke at the Interconnected Era to punctuate the fact that it wasn’t just software companies — every company benefits from interconnection.

Voices of the Digital Transformation Era


The Digital Transformation discussion with an opening address from Maurice Mortell, MD, Equinix Ireland.

The opening address was followed by an informative piece from Charles Meyers, President of Strategy, Services and Innovation Equinix. Charles spoke about exciting new products, customers and services including ECX Fabric, the staggering rate of interconnects (4000+) and the rollout of new centres.

Nameer Kazzaz, Blueface CTO sat with Scott McConnell, Regional Sales Director for Equinix Ireland and discussed the advantages of private internet exchange for voice services and the future of Blueface. Kazzaz also discussed the benefits of developing your own platform and how you can be more responsive to customer needs.

Blueface CTO, Nameer Kazzaz
While we have an innovation strategy, many of our products are reflective of consumer demand. Simply put, we have a roadmap, customers drive the car.

When asked about the growth of Blueface territories, Kazzaz outlined the similarity of Blueface and Equinix data footprint — with the next stop being AsiaPAC — underlining Blueface and Equinix storied partnership.

The Blueface and Star2Star merger and associated networking challenges were also discussed in this informal fireside chat, which was live streamed via Twitter.

Blueface CTO, Nameer Kazazz
Blueface has always been cloud-based but the technology has changed sector-wide. We run our own cloud-services and we interconnect with customer-specific cloud applications. Many of our customers are moving into data centres, so interconnects are key for client growth

After a quick recess, technology evangelist Clare Dillon explored the nature of disruption, competition and surprisingly alliances. The energetic leadership speaker spoke passionately about looking at disruption through another lens, one that creates competitive advantages.

Brian Larkin, MD of managed IT-services leaders, Evros hosted discussion with Tim Buckley, Head of Digital at Origin Digital.

Origin Digital specialises in optimise primary sector yield and work with Evros to ensure their systems are the most advanced on the market. With connectivity to over 180 global satellites, Evros’ managed IT services are essential for consistency of service to Origin Digital’s clients.

Origin’s data insights allow their clients to presell with assurances of quality, timing and is backed up by empirical evidence.

The event wound down with an in-depth Q&A session with Iguazio, Oracle and Equinix, where speakers succinctly shared their feelings on disruption and the future of global business.

Reach, Integrate and Interconnect


An open bar and rich conversation awaited attendees after the Q&A session. Equinix staff also ceremoniously cut their birthday cake and celebrated 20 years of interconnecting businesses.

To summarise the event in Equinix’s parlance: interconnect everyone, integrate everything, reach everywhere, a strategy that parallels Blueface’s. Blueface aims to connect every business to a new way of communicating, to integrate with their existing competencies and to continue expanding our global reach.

After many years of partnership with Equinix (formerly Telecity), Blueface was delighted to look into the future of connectivity and be a huge part of the conversation.

Miss the event? Check out the Slide Deck or you can watch the Recorded Stream!

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