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By Joe Roche on June 26, 2018 in Blueface, Events, Technology

Earlier this year at the Retail Ireland Summit, Blueface Founder & Director Feargal Brady shared his insights about the future of communication. Watch as he waxes lyrical about technology, communication and integration (or read below for a transcript).

Blueface: A Quick History

Blueface is primarily a technology company, it’s almost 14-years old now. Blueface set out originally to disrupt what was then the telephone industry. Of course, now it has become the communications industry.

The idea stemmed from the ability to make a telephone call using the internet as a medium of transmission rather than a wire-and-two-cans or the telephone lines that you traditionally had to use. That’s what we set out to do and now it has evolved into a business communications platform.

This what you can call a cloud-communications platform, available globally, sold around the world and based in Dublin. The fundamental differentiator is our self-developer platform. The platform we have developed it for 5 – 6 years and are continuously improving it.

Secure, Global Communications Platform

This platform is recognised in the global technology industry as being cutting edge, used by companies like Amazon, Twilio — huge companies use our IP to drive their underlying communications infrastructure.

As we own our the end-to-end experience of our users, we can guarantee HD voice as well as security and integrity of the call. We have launched many industry firsts — barring unlimited call plans and silly things like that — we also launch end-to-end encryption (which includes media and the signalling).

Did you know?
Blueface incorporates multiple layers of encyrption including SRTP and TLS to protect your calls and your message.

This means that the Blueface call channels cannot be hacked — which is both good and bad, and we have to deal with the ramifications of this but these are very important aspects of modern communications.

Unless you own your own platform, you really cannot compete with Blueface.

APIs & Asynchronicity


The way that we communicate is really really different now. You’ll notice that people generally use their mobile more and they prefer asynchronous communication.

Traditionally, people would pick up the phone and have a synched conversation “Hi, how are you?” “Fine thanks, I’m just…” what we’re seeing now is people leaving a message, looking, deciphering and responding when a decision has been made. It’s one way and requires a different approach.

A lot of our platform use is accomplished through an API. We allow companies and third parties to utilise our underlying communications infrastructure to augment their existing systems and mobilise their customer communications.

Application programming interfaces – if you’re unfamiliar – is a little bit of middleware that allows a third party to talk to our core computers in order to get information and adapt the system to their purposes.

We’re seeing a lot of this integration and we believe it is the future of business communications.

About Feargal Brady

Feargal Brady

Feargal Brady founded Blueface in 2004 to challenge the status quo of telecommunications in Ireland.

Now in his role as Director, Feargal fronts the Blueface Whitelabel team to understand and customise Blueface’s IP for third-party carriers, providers and technology companies.

Feargal has assisted in developing Blueface as a highly innovative and customer-focused business. He is charged with leading customer engagement, specifically with technical input into solution deployment.

Feargal champions the development of new innovative products and value-added services for customers as part of Blueface’s growth strategy.

Feargal is an Engineering Graduate from University of Dublin, Trinity College and holds an MBA from H.E.C. Paris.

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