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By Jack Byrne on April 10, 2018 in Business, Communications & VoIP

COMMUNICATION has no borders and neither should your phone system.

Today, it should be commonplace that you can discuss a project with your operations team in London, conference call with your clients in Toronto and seamlessly transfer a call from Dublin to Madrid.

Your business should draw your global presence-feel a little bit closer to home. Performing these tasks without disruption is not something that companies have mastered.

Aside from the need to create a closer business community, there is a drive for consistent systems and processes — including and not limited to — a company’s phone system.

Global Challenges

I am always speaking with companies about using phone lines in their UK offices and a VoIP solution in their US offices and the lack of service consistency between the two systems.

Companies vent their frustrations of having multiple bills for each office, the disparate functionality capabilities across these offices with little-to-no oversight from headquarters.

Generally, a phone system and a carrier will operate in isolation. This adds to the long list of suppliers to contact should the worst occur.

This long list of inconveniences can be prevented by putting in place a communications solution with remote administration from anywhere in the world. Virtual numbering from an extensive list of countries adds a local impression to your global offices.

Background Connectivity


What ensures Blueface’s exceptionally high real-time reliability worldwide?

Partnering with Equinix, Blueface have invested heavily in data centre infrastructure, and this allows us to offer 99.999% Uptime for any customer, anywhere in the world.

Expect this to continually improve as Blueface interconnect with other carriers and our global data footprint continues to grow rapidly.

We have invested heavily in our global infrastructure to ensure that our customers can benefit instantly from the extensive connectivity Blueface holds through our highly configurable Unified Communications Platform.

Blueface shorten the distance to our customer, so you can shorten the distance to yours.

Truly Local, Truly Global

In essence, Blueface can help your business create an impression that international office is just down-the-road. Shanghai in Shankill, Baltimore (Maryland, US) in Baltimore (Cork, IE) or Paris, France in Texas with simple, user-level Unified Communications maneuvering.

Blueface return telecoms control to the customer and grant outstanding “control tower” visibility to administrators on a multitude of permission levels. Accounts can be federated and controlled from one location and a single administrator.

Your UC Admin can locally manage the IVR for offices worldwide and distribute bespoke features, unified-site/currency billing and corresponding local dial plans easily.

It goes without saying that Blueface will be with you in managing this phone system alongside our Follow the Sun capabilities being able to help out any of your offices globally.

To give your company the power of a truly international phone system, get in touch with me — Jack Byrne — for a discussion on revamping your company’s communications outlay.

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