How To Port Numbers: What You Need, Time and Pitfalls

Number Porting

By Suzie Foy on March 11, 2019 in Blueface, Business, Communications & VoIP

PORTING an Irish number between providers can be a very straightforward process and if you want to make sure that this is done as quickly as possible, there are a few important details to note before Blueface can port numbers.

Please Note
Number porting is a relatively standardised process across all providers mobile and fixed, this post will explore that process from the Blueface point of view.

Porting a number means moving your phone number from one phone network to another. This post will explain the details about porting your telephone numbers to help you to speed up the process.

What is a Porting Form?

Porting Form
The first step for porting a number to Blueface is to fill in a Porting Form. This form is important because it’s a document that gives the Blueface porting department the authorisation to request to move your number to the Blueface network.

This document also confirms exactly what numbers you wish to migrate. If Blueface has all the requisite information, the porting department can move forward and make the request to your incumbent provider.

Proof of Ownership

On the porting form, you will be asked to upload a copy of a recent bill. Blueface requires proof of ownership over a number before the porting department can make their request. A scanned copy of your bill is ideal, but a clear photo of the bill works too.

If a detailed bill quoting the number is not available, it is still possible to make a request to port your number. An email or letter from your incumbent provider, with proof of number ownership – the UAN and name linked to the account – will suffice. We can also accept a screenshot of your online account.

The most important thing is that we see confirmation that the number you are porting is owned by you, this is to stay in line with the regulations set by for porting.

UAN (Universal Account Number)


When submitting a port request, you will need to advise on a UAN for each number/range of numbers you wish to port.

Consider a UAN – also known by Account Number, Account Code, Customer Number or PRAN number – like a key to unlock the porting ability. Across all porting desks in Ireland, this code is required to allow a port to be actioned.

If you can’t find UAN details, that’s OK! Simply contact the provider that your numbers are with now. They will know exactly what you need to port and they have access to all of your account information at hand.

Additional Services on the Line

The Line

If the line-based number you wish to port has other services connected to the line, these services will cease when you port this number. Additional line-dependent services include broadband, a credit card machine, alarm or lifts — for a comprehensive list check out this link.

If you are unsure as to whether your numbers have services attached, please contact your incumbent provider for information.

If you have a broadband line connected to a number that you wish to port, you will need to ensure that this is separated before you try to port. This is so that your broadband – and subsequently your VOIP connection – is not compromised after the numbers port to Blueface.

UAN Issues

In some cases, the UAN provided on your bill can turn out to be incorrect. An incorrect UAN will cause a ‘porting request rejection’ when Blueface attempt to port your number. An incorrect UAN on a bill can happen when internal records are not up to date across each of your incumbent provider’s departments.

This is not uncommon, and it’s nothing to worry about. An incorrect UAN will not prevent a number from porting altogether, however, there will be a delay until the correct UAN has been identified.

Please Note!
Due to strict Data Protection Laws, only an account holder can request sensitive account information such as the UAN. This means that unfortunately, no one at Blueface can request this information on your behalf.

By getting in touch with your provider to request the correct information, it won’t take long to rectify this as they have access to all of your details. As soon as the new UAN has been identified, Blueface can move forward with the porting request.

Orders on the Line

Another reason that a request might not get accepted straight away by your incumbent provider would be due to a pending order on the line. This is a generic term to state that there is an order in progress on your account and it will need to be cleared before a port request is accepted.

A pending order can cover a wide range of issues from payments pending on your account, to a cancellation order in progress.

If a port request gets rejected due to a pending order on the line, the account holder will need to follow up with their incumbent provider to address what this is and get a timeframe for when it should be cleared. When the pending order is removed the port can then be requested again.

Remember to Close Your Existing Provider Account

Porting your number away will not close your account, or stand as a cancellation notice. If you wish to close your account fully with your incumbent provider you will need to contact your accounts department to cancel formally.

Each provider will have their own terms around cancellations and notice periods. It’s also important to read the terms of your contract to ensure that you won’t encounter ‘cancellation fees’ or ‘breach of contract fees’ before you cancel.

Ready to Port?

Your number will stay on your old network and continue to work on your legacy devices until it’s ported over to Blueface. When your new phones have been installed and connected you should be ready to have your number port over from your incumbent provider to Blueface.

Once you have received your hardware, you can connect it and do all the necessary checks to ensure that it receives an active connection. If the phone has a dial tone and registers correctly, you are ready to start the porting process with Blueface.

Your phone will work before your phone number is ported, because it will have an active sip line with Blueface.

Wait! There’s More…

Once a porting form is submitted, it will be reviewed and you will be asked if you have a particular date or time in mind to port. This date and time will then be scheduled if applicable.

The soonest a new number can port is within a 24 hours time frame if the request is accepted by your incumbent provider immediately. If you are porting over 10 numbers, there will be a 3 working day lead time minimum.

Before your number ports, we can direct the number to the right call flow that has been set up for you. This means that when your number is released by your incumbent provider, there will be no downtime and it makes for a smooth transition.

The Blueface Number Porting Department will be dealing with the request and if you have any questions you can reach out on +35315242000 and dialling option 4.

Contingency Plan

If your phones are down or not connected to the internet at the time of port, this will mean that you will encounter missed calls. We can always divert your number to an offnet mobile or landline number in the meantime to ensure you have service on your number. This is a temporary measure until you get your phones connected.

Going International? Get Virtual Numbers!

Virtual Number Porting

When porting any Irish number, there are strict SLA’s which providers follow. Timeframes mentioned above vary when porting an International number. The requests encounter a longer response time from the incumbent provider and requests can be rejected for many reasons.

This is an important piece of information to note if you are considering to cancel service before the port request has been accepted.