Infographic: 2018 BCT Report Key Takeaways

2018 BCT Report

By Joe Roche on July 13, 2018 in Blueface, Business, Communications & VoIP, Technology

Earlier this year, Blueface conducted research to understand the communication needs (past, present and future) of businesses around the world for the 2018 BCT Report. This infographic quickly highlights some of our high-level findings ranging from legacy to technology to modern security threats.

2018 BCT Report Infographic

BCT Report

Current Trends Quick Looks

— Voice calling is the #1 method for business communication at 54%.
— The majority of businesses use 3 – 4 devices regularly.
— Reliability is the most important attribute of a phone system provider at 69.5%.
— The majority of businesses have 50MBps minimum connection.
— 45% of businesses still use fax — largely owing to virtual fax and fax-to-email.
— 78% of businesses now allow remote working.

Predictions 2025

— The well-documented IP-migration will bring VoIP to the tipping point.
— VoIP & 5G will replace cellular voice termination.
— Voice integration will unlock next-generation connectivity.
— Remote working will challenge fixed office spaces as a primary work method.

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