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By Brian Martin on August 29, 2017 in Blueface

Author: Richard O’Connor

I had just finished my Leaving Certificate when Blueface CEO, Alan Foy gave a very interesting talk on entrepreneurship in my school, Mount Temple in Dublin.

I approached him afterwards and asked if there was any chance that I could do an internship for his company, Blueface.

“Alan gave me his card and told me to email him and two months later here I am at the end of my internship with a part-time job.”

When I first started I was exceptionally nervous waiting for my meeting with Alan but the second we sat down my nerves were gone, I knew this would be a great place to work.

I was assigned to the busy sales department, which I was very nervous about as I had never sold anything to anybody. I was introduced to the Sales Team, given a desk and got my computer.

I was treated so well I kept forgetting it was my first day. Being immersed in the world of sales just baffled me. Luckily, my first day mainly consisted of intros and getting set up.

Atypical Second Day

During bus ride in the next day I thought I’d be doing “typical” intern work — you know, getting coffee, shredding paper and running errands — it could not have been farther from what I did.

I arrived and was taught how to prospect “leads”, how to use Excel (how to actually use Excel!), how to script sales copy and much more.

“I feel like I have learned more ‘professional’ skills on my second day of work than six years of school.”

My main role was prospecting I was taught how to use the different tools and all the different type of Industries that would benefit from VOIP and Unified Communications.

Leaving School, Starting Strong

938ec1a4-8281-42e3-ad96-9ef40d83692a-originalBlueface CEO, Alan Foy Speaking on Entrepreneurship at Mount Temple School.

Coming to the middle of my internship I was getting my Leaving Cert. results; which I was clearly very nervous about.

On the day, the team were so kind and encouraging that when it came to the day I was full of confidence and prepared for any outcome (it was a very good outcome).

Five days later I got my course and the whole team congratulated me — I was grateful to have such a great place to work.

This was a stark contrast to school where I would listen in class and take notes but I didn’t enjoy it — I was counting down the minutes until I got to leave.

“At Blueface, I was excited to learn and each day a different person would teach me something new.”

Whether it was Jack teaching me new prospecting skills, Navid on how to close a deal, Brian and Nick on how to build great customer relationships, Joe on how to write a marketing piece, Paolo and Pedro teaching me Italian & Spanish and Kevin on the technical side of Blueface.

4 months ago had you asked me what is VoIP or a SIP Trunk or Cloud PBX was — I would have laughed at you (or you would have laughed at my puzzled expression).

Now I can not only tell you all about them but how they can help change your business.

Blue Sky Clarity

Richard [Top Left] lining up with Blueface FC at Tallaght Stadium

Before coming to Blueface I felt like I was quite immature and childish but as time passed I changed a lot. I became much more professional and responsible.

“When I was given a task it didn’t mean just do it when I feel like it.”

These people had given me a dream job so each task I received, I instantly began work on it ensuring it was done to the highest quality.

If I made a mistake there was no problem one of the team would show me where I went wrong and show me how to fix it.

That is why I enjoy this job so much there is no negativity any problems are treated with an upbeat attitude and everyone is always in a good mood.

Before starting the Internship my plan was to become a solicitor but now I’m not so sure and that is what I was hoping to get out of this internship, clarity on my future.

I am going to study Economics, Politics and Law in DCU — hopefully that will show me which path I want to take.

About Richard

Richard is a talented, energetic young professional who joined Blueface’s Sales Team in July, 2017. He’s versatile, adaptable and was an excellent asset to Blueface during his internship and beyond. Currently, he’s studying Economics, Politics and Law in DCU but you can get in touch with him via LinkedIn.

He’s a handy piece to have on the football field too.

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