Number Porting in 1 Day

By Guillaume on December 23, 2009 in Communications & VoIP, Technology

Number Porting has always been a really tedious long drawn out task for us and our customers. Back in 2005  the lead-time was several weeks and it was really expensive. Since then, Blueface have continuously worked to reduce the costs and lead-time of number porting for our customers. Now it takes 2 weeks to port numbers.

Number Porting in 1 Day

However, plans are afoot for number porting to be completed in just 1 day. Mobile phone customers have for years been able to port numbers on the same day without the rigmarole associated with porting Geographic numbers so we look forward to being able to provide a more effective & efficient service. This is very welcome news for everyone who wants to keep their phone number when they change service provider. The Comreg  Geographic Number Porting Steering Group (GNPSG) is working with various operators including Blueface to have this in place next year.

We look forward to similar pro-active initiatives managed by Comreg and Supported by industry operators like Blueface.

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