Pedius and Blueface: Voice Calls for the Deaf

Voice Recognition

By Joe Roche on March 7, 2018 in Case Study, Technology

Pedius is a communication system that allows hearing-impaired people to make phone calls without an intermediary using speech recognition and synthesis technologies.

Voice calls are and will remain to be an essential part of life – particularly when pertaining to finance, health and security – and this is no different for those without hearing.

Pedius’ speech recognition aimed to eliminate intermediaries – or interlocutors – during phone calls and restore privacy to remote voice communication for the deaf.

The accessible communications company teamed up with Blueface Italia to deliver VoIP with global goodwill in mind. In 2014, Pedius launched their services in the UK and Ireland, further strengthening their partnership with the Blueface Group.

Pedius chose Blueface as their VoIP provider because Blueface could rapidly deliver numbering and roll out voice services across Italy, Ireland and the UK.

They also needed an easy-to-integrate, economic solution from a company with the technical expertise and network capability to deploy a global solution.

Lorenzo di Ciaccio, Pedius CEO
“Without Blueface our project could not have been completed in all three countries so quickly. Thanks to their services we are now able to help deaf and hearing impaired people in three countries to communicate directly through Pedius with everyone.”

Creative Problem Solving

Blueface and Pedius

Blueface are privileged to have wildly creative clients, who continue to innovate with our industry-leading technology.

Blueface clients like Edward Kinane and Lorenzo di Ciaccio are invested in using technology for the betterment of society and we are delighted to be a part of it.

Luca Caralvi, Blueface Italia CEO
“We are always happy to become part of amazing new projects which really make a difference in the world we live in. We help companies, people, everyone, to stay connected. The services we have given Pedius will help their users in a very affordable way.”

Download Pedius: Android / iOS

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