The Blueface UC Platform Update

By Joe Roche on August 1, 2017 in Product Update

Blueface Platform Intro

As we add new features, we want to keep our customers in-the-loop — so we’ve introduced the Blueface UC Portal Update.

We’ll let you know about any updates (with tutorials!) to help you get the most out of your Unified Communications (UC) service. Here’s what’s new this month.

New Feature Breakdown

Call Recording: Bulk Deletion
Call History: To & From Filters, User Creation Tools
System Settings: Standardised via Account Country Settings
Call Flow: Screenshot Tool, Bulk Linking, Drag & Drop Enhancement


Call Recording: Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete

Cut down on the admin time and boost your talk time with our new Delete Selected button, which allows you to select and delete multiple calls — similar to Download Selected.

In the Call Recordings section, use the tick boxes in the left column to select the calls you want to delete, click Delete Selected and presto! They’re gone!

Want to add Call Recording to your subscription? Get in touch with the team.


Call Flow: Screenshot Tool

Call Flow

The Screenshot Tool allows you to generate a PNG image of your call flow layout, regardless of how many elements are in it.

Many call flows built using the Drag & Drop Editor have too many elements, making them unsuitable for Print Screen or similar screen cap tools. Not any more!

Simply click the button (highlighted in the image above) at the top right of your call flow to generate the image on the right. With this feature, your administrator can catalog, review and refine the layout of key call flows.


Call Flow: Drag & Drop Enhancement

Drag and Drop Enhancement
Pre-Update: Call Flow

Call Flow
Updated: Blue-Highlighted Call Flow

Thanks to your valued customer feedback and our own internal testing we’ve made the Call Flow Editor easier to use.

When dragging an element into your call flow, the container will now clearly highlight in light blue when you are able to drop the element into the call flow.

Incorrectly placed elements would reset to the right-side menu if a container could not accept it. With the addition of blue hover-highlighting, users can easily identify when containers can accept elements.

This feature will reduce call flow build time so you can spend more time refining.


Call Flow: Bulk Number Linking

Call Flow

Similar to the Bulk-Delete feature, you can now link numbers in bulk to the same Call Flow. Bulk linking works for both internal or geographic numbers and we hope it saves you time configuring your online phone system.

In the Numbers view, select the numbers you wish to link to a call flow using the tick boxes in the left column.

Click the “Link Call Flow to Selected Numbers” button above the numbers list and select the call flow you wish to assign to your selected numbers.


Call History: To & From Filters

Call History

Your Call History records now have two new search filters to help you find the information you need from your call logs.

You can now filter what number made the call using the “From:” tickbox and what number the call was made to using the “To:” tickbox.

Find what you’re looking for faster!


Standardised Date & Time Format

Standardised Date


Date format has now been standardised and will automatically set based on the country selected in your account settings.

Get your global staff members on the same page as your HQ — anywhere in the world.


Contact Number Info Generator

Contact Number Generator

A Contact Number field has been added to the User Creation and User Edit tabs.

Now you can input of a personal contact number for users that will not be active on the phone system. By clicking on the Generate Contact slider, an entry will be added to your company’s contact directory with the user’s details and contact number.

New Feature Summary

That’s all for this month but we’ll be back soon with our next batch of new features and improvements.

Call Flow: Screenshot Tool, Bulk Linking, Drag & Drop Enhancement
Call Recording: Bulk Deletion
Call History: To & From Filters
Date Format: Standardised via Account Country Settings

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