Blueface UC Portal December Update

By Joe Roche on December 5, 2017 in Product Update

Unified Communications Portal

Blueface are constantly upgrading our proprietary UC Portal with updates big and small. These upgrades range from wholesale performance enhancements or new features that augment customer’s UC experience. This month:

— Performance Enhancements
— USA Virtual Numbers
— Do Not Disturb
— Permissions Visibility
— Voicemail Timezone Detection
— Advanced Order Filtering

If you have any questions about our new features and how your business can maximise – chat to our team on a live chat now or call us on 01-5242000.

UC Speedboost

Loading Screen

To decrease the amount of time spent managing your communications infrastructure, improvements have been made to increase the performance of the entire platform.

Transitions are smoother, changes are instantaneous and loading screen animations are less intrusive, so you can quickly navigate, manage and get back to your core competencies.

USA Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbersUSA Virtual Numbers can now be activated from the UC Portal

To accommodate global business and the growing demand for virtual numbering, Blueface customers and partners can now assign USA (+1) dialling codes.

This allows companies to test the US market with instant localisation, even from a remote site. From LA to New York – your company may not have been born in the USA but you’ll be able to operate there.

Do Not Disturb (DnD)

Do Not Disturb
DnD can be found in the Allocated Devices

There is a new switch to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” (DnD) status. Not dissimilar from instant messaging clients, DnD allows users to broadcast their busy workload.

In Profile, visit the new “allocated devices” section. In this section, users can see and change their line-status to DnD to deactivate their line temporarily and enjoy uninterrupted work. Don’t enjoy tranquillity too much and forget to turn DnD off!

CLIR Replaces Anonymous ID

CLIRCLIR can be located in User, Devices and Profile Status.

In place of “Anonymous,” your external Caller ID will display CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction). When activated, recipients of your call cannot view your number.

This feature is inactive by default and must be turned on and off manually.

To activate CLIR, visit the Users & Devices tab and you can also find a shortcut on the“profile” sidebar. The “anonymous” option will no longer be visible on the numbers list but can be activated by dialling 142+ [Number].

Permissions Visibility

All users with all roles will now be displayed on the user-list from each account. Previously, lower permission-level users would not be shown higher level accounts.

This change was made for visibility and to facilitate ring element editing for users with equal or higher permission levels. Editing features can only be accessed by users with a higher or equal permission level to the user being edited.

Voicemail Timezone Detection

Voicemail inboxes will now detect an account’s time-zone based on the selected country linked to the account. Users are quickly made aware of who called and from where, allowing them to gauge the urgency (or appropriateness) of reply.

Order Reference Filtering

Users can now gain further oversight on hardware orders by filtering by Order Reference, located under the billing and orders section.

No more trawling through order history. Through filter standardisation, businesses can now find an order instantly and keep track of every phone, headset or extension.


That’s all for now but Blueface Engineers are constantly upgrading our system, so keep in touch for all the latest UCaaS news and upgrades.

We’ll finish with a brief summary of this month’s upgrades but for all things IP-telephony; sign up for the Blueface Newsletter using the form below.

— Performance Enhancements
— USA Virtual Numbers
— Do Not Disturb
— Permissions Visibility
— Voicemail Timezone Detection
— Advanced Order Filtering

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