Unified Communications Platform February Update

Product Update

By Joe Roche on February 27, 2018 in Communications & VoIP, Product Update

Welcome to the February edition of the Blueface UC Platform Update Blog — our first of 2018! As we roll out new products and features, we want to ensure our customers can get the most out of our platform.

As always, we’ve packed our portal with new features across the board. Enhancements to payments, better user and device visibility and an overall prettier platform with flawless functionality.

February Platform Updates

With so many updates, we needed to make it easier for you to find the features that are most relevant to you.

General Performance Enhancements
— Restyled Portal Switch
— New Telephony Section
— Voicemail Caller ID
— International + Added
— Mailbox Enhancements
— Regulation Notifactions

— Billing (Outstanding Orders)
— Broadband Field
— Max Concurrency Tab Added
— No CSV / CVV to Add a Card Payment Option
— Emergency Number Boosts

Call History
— Date Displays First
— New Call-Type Icons

Users Section
— Easily Navigable Group Info
— Contact Auto-Creation
— Last Login Date

Device Section
— Encryption Control
— Devices Username and Device Type Categories
— User & Device Link

Call Flows
— Call Flow Designer and List Now Seperate
— Ring Settings Title Added to Tooltip
— Favourite Contacts

SIM Cards

Performance Enhancements

As always, we’ll begin this month’s product update with general changes, fixes and updates starting with stylish switches.

Restyled Portal Switch

Restyled UC Switch New Switch Design: As seen on Device Lines Page

Blueface’s UI Team have been working hard, giving our UC Portal buttons a makeover so they hop out of the screen. Less scanning, more action.

Telephony Section to Replace “Allocated Devices”


The User Profile “Telephony” section replaces and gives users more control than our previous “Allocated Devices” section. In the image above, you can find:

CLIR Toggle has been added to this area, previously under Username.
Voice Mailbox Details (Box and Pin Number) will also be displayed here (if they exist).
Existing Allocated Device information will remain in this section (inc. DnD Settings).

Voicemail Caller ID

Voicemail ID

List numbers that can be used for a Caller ID are displayed for our customers on the Blueface UC Portal. List numbers have now been replaced with full contact details where available.

“+” Added to International Numbers to Replace “00”

International Dialling

Many of these numbers feature the ’00’ International Dialling Code prefix that is used in some regions. However, the 00 prefix is not a valid international format in a number of countries and situations. To accommodate for every customer, this 00 prefix will be replaced by “+”.

Mailbox Enhancements

User and Timezone fields are now available while creating a new mailbox. Previously, user and timezone fields were only available after creation in the ‘edit mailbox’ section.

Regulation Notification


Warning messages now appear when requesting a new number in a region with different regulatory requirements than your location. When adding an external number, a warning message will display if there are additional regulatory requirements to adhere to.

Account Management

Notice more account flexibility? There’s a reason for that and in this section, we’ll help your account administrators find the features that are most relevant to their business.

Billing (Outstanding Orders)

UC Billing

While orders can be marked “partially paid” there was no indication of the remaining balance. Therefore, this information will now be added to the order details area.

The ‘Amount Paid’ and ‘Amount Pending’ fields are displayed beside the status field.

Broadband Provider Field Added

Broadband Provider

To help customers smoothly resolve queries relating to their internet connection, Blueface Network Operations have added a field to record a business’ Internet Service Provider. This setting – located next to PO Field – will help customers quickly reference for fast resolution.

Max Concurrency Tab Added

Concurrent Calling

Max Concurrency, Call Limit Inbound and Call Limit Outbound — previously housed in main account details — all pertain to call concurrency (ie how many simultaneous calls a business can make). To ensure precise customisation of concurrent calling, these settings now have their own tab under “Max Concurrency.”

CSV / CVV No Longer Needed to Add a Card Payment Option

Payment option

CSV numbers – or three-digit card verification numbers – are no longer needed to add a new card payment method. For Italian Blueface customers, there is no change and will still require CSV numbers to complete transactions.

*Italian customers will still be required to submit CSV details.

Emergency Numbers

A number of enhancements have been made to the emergency number functionality on the Accounts page. Details of these changes appear under each image.
Emergency Numbers
1. In the image above, you can see that Irish Emergency Numbers have been added.

Emergency Location

2. Customers can now see Location Listing and Alphabet Country Code e.g. ‘(GB)’

US Emergency Numbers

3. As each American state has differing emergency numbers, as such US customers can now select specific US region emergency numbers. This is necessary because there are over 3,000 US counties and the Blueface NOC team understand that in emergencies, finding the right number fast is vital.

Call History

To help customers manage their call history, the Blueface Network Operations team have been optimising the UC Platform’s call history functionality.

Date Displayed First

Date and Time

The date and time information is now displayed first in the call history table. Previously, the ‘From’ and ‘To’ information was displayed first.

New Call Type Icons

new Icons

To make the call history easier to read, new call type icons have been added for incoming, outgoing and forwarded calls.

User Section Changes

This month, the Blueface NOC team have added easy group-access, automatic contact creation and live logins. Get the right people in your organisation at the right time with the UC User Section.

Quick-click Group Information

Previously, in the Users area, group label information was displayed in the Groups column (if any group had been added to the user). Group information is now linked to the group. Following the link, you can now immediately view the group — saving you time and effort.

Auto-Contact Creation

Generate Contact Switch

As we begin automatically adding users as contacts when downloading the phone book, there is no longer a need to generate a contact when setting up a user. The Generate Contact field has been removed from the ‘User Options’ section when you are adding a New User.

Last Live Login

Last Access

When viewing a user profile, a new data point is displayed below the email address. This field displays the last time the user accessed the portal.

Device Section Changes

This month in the device section, Blueface have made it easier than ever to encrypt, track and link your devices and device types.

Encryption Control

It is now possible to decide if voice encryption should occur on all lines related to a device, or if you want to select individual lines for encryption.

A. Go to the Device Type Details section (available in the Admin area).
B. Configure the toggle for ‘Encryption Voice Scope’ to either ‘Device Level’ or ‘Line Level’.

Please Note

Device VoIP

At Device-Level, “Encrypted Voice” will feature on the Device page, and WILL NOT be available for the individual lines associated with the device.

Line level

At Line-Level the “Encrypted Voice” setting WILL ONLY be available for the individual lines associated with the device.

Device Username and Device-Type

Device Section

When editing a device, an information snippet is displayed on the left-hand side of the page. Linked usernames can now be viewed from this section.

Customers can now filter device types under four different categories – ATA, Hard phone, Softphone Mobile and SIP Trunk — for faster visibility.

User & Device Link

Device and User Link

When viewing lines, a new link icon will be displayed for any line that is currently linked to a user. If you hover over the link icon, a tooltip will confirm the username associated with that line.

Call Flow

One of our most popular features, intuitive call flow design allows customers to set their own rules when it comes to user phone-journey. Blueface Network Operations are constantly refining to create an easier call design experience for our customers.

Call Flow & List Areas Seperated

Previously, the Designer and List components of the call flow area were combined into one page. To simplify, the Designer and List areas will now be displayed on separate pages.

Call Flow List

When you select Call Flows, your call flow list is displayed.
When you select Create Call Flow, you can only access the Designer area.

Ring Settings Title Added to Tooltip

When you hover over a line related to a device in the call flow “Ring Element Settings” area, a tooltip is displayed. The tooltip will now include the name of the line.

Favourite Contacts

Favourite Contacts

It is now possible to add a ‘favourite’ flag to contacts. Favourites will always be displayed at the top of the contact list (for users and companies). Just be sure to hide your favourites from your less-favoured colleagues.

Sim Card Changes

A “New SIM Cards” Section has been added to the Phone Section for Irish Blueface customers.

Please Note!
This area is only available to high access level staff members.

This feature is currently in the rollout process and we expect a number of enhancements in the coming weeks.