SIP Client for Ubuntu: Zoiper quick setup guide

By Guillaume on March 10, 2010 in Communications & VoIP, Feature, Technology

Most broadband connections will work perfectly with Blueface. However, if you’re unsure about your connection, you can install a softphone to check your broadband connection is of sufficient quality to work with Blueface.

Softphones are quick and easy to setup and many of them are free of charge. Using a softphone enables you to assess your audio quality.

We have configuration guides for some softphones (SIP clients) on our website but they are mainly for Windows applications but none for Linux. Zoiper have a free SIP client available that works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

To set it up on Linux Ubuntu, you have the choice between 2 applications: Zoiper Classic and Zoiper Communicator.

Zoiper Classic is fine if you only want to assess your audio quality and make a few tests calls. It’s VERY quick to setup, especially because Zoiper provides it directly as an executable (within a tar ball).

To set it up :

  1. Download the tar ball from :
  2. Decompress the file :  tar -zxvf filename
  3. Eventually move the executable to a different folder
  4. Run the executable.
  5. You will be prompted if you want to launch Zoiper at Start Up. If it’s only for testing, maybe, press ‘no’.
  6. To configure it with Blueface, click on ‘Menu’ (spanner key button on the right) > ‘Add a new SIP account’.
  7. You should be prompted for an account name, enter: Blueface.
  8. Fill the form with: domain:, username: your Blueface username, password: your Blueface password, Caller ID: your name.
  9. Click on the button ‘Register’. The phone status should update.
  10. To make a test call, call ‘300’. You should hear some monkeys. It’s that simple.

Zoiper Communicator comes up in a .deb file so you can use Ubuntu’s package installer which does everything automatically. You can download the .deb file down the list on

Once all packages have been installed, follow this Zoiper Configuration guide that we made some months earlier with Windows screen shots. The steps are exactly the same.

Note that I’ve tested this with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).


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