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In business, you’ll be familiar with the importance of innovation, targets and action. You will no doubt have heard about the importance of asking for the sale. These concepts won’t be unfamiliar to any entrepreneur. So do Social Entrepreneurs follow a similar mode? If you’re the Soar Foundation, you most certainly do. It’s so invigorating to hear great ideas put into action. Their own update is better than I could do, so with their permission, I share it here.

The Soar Story Chapter 1 – Sharing The Love and our Story! from Soar on Vimeo.

If you are inspired by what has been achieved in just two years and would like to be part of the journey then take ACTION by:

1. Recommending us to the school of a young person you love (bear in mind the Soar program is booked out for the rest of this school term but we are taking bookings for September)

2. Create a direct debit to help fund the work. You will receive a monthly update so that you are part of changing our island and know exactly where your MONEY is going.

3. Make a one off donation online or by contacting us at to explore a legacy contribution.

4. Create or take part in an event that challenges your comfort zones and do it for Soar and your 15 year old self!

5. Believe in a young person and look out for them. It is not easy to be a young person in a world that has failed them. So tell them you BELIEVE IN THEIR GREATNESS.

For more see:

Blueface is a sponsor of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI) and the Soar Foundation are SEI Impact Winners.

by Fiona Kearns

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