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By Brian Martin on August 12, 2015 in Blueface

Two weeks ago was a glorious Friday for Blueface as it marked our annual party. This is one of the rare occasions we all manage to spend time with one another from our Dublin and Rome offices although there were still a few missing on holidays. Our day began with “Dee” the photographer who took beautiful photos of our team. We recently expanded to another floor in our IFSC building and want to give each person a profile on our reception wall.

For our personal portraits we were asked to write down our favorite quote and hold it up. It truly is amazing how much a quote can tell about someone. They ranged from, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” to the infamous Conor McGregor quote “We’re not here to take part, we’re here to takeover!“.

Once the group photos were done, we began our journey to Blackrock cookery school. As we walked out of the office, to catch a DART from Connolly station, we were blessed with a sprout of Irish weather and pounded on for ten minutes by torrential rain. A nice way to freshen up at the end of your working day!

The Dublin cookery school was stunning. We were all greeted by an amazing Apéritif (champagne and beautiful freshly made starters).


The starters were:

  • Supplì
  • Small bruschetta with pàtè and caramelized onion on top
  • Black pudding sticks
  • Cucumber and salmon pàtè and many more.


Once the Apéritif was finished we moved into the next room (which was hidden from the first) to begin our cookery lesson with Eric. He taught us how to make mouth-watering ravioli, a leg of pork accompanied by potatoes topped with mint sauce, and for desert a delicate chocolate soufflé, yum yum.

As the lesson finished we were divided up into teams and put to the test. Each team had to repeat exactly what Eric had just taught us. It is safe to say, we were all hilarious. The best part of our day was the last, which we did not expect. We were sat down in the final room (which was also hidden from the first three) with lovely wine to taste and told to wait. Suddenly after about a half hour we were served a three-course meal. Little did we know that it was what WE had cooked, and let me tell you something, it was delicious.

To top off our day we had a couple of drinks in The Three Tun Tavern in Blackrock. It’s not often you are blessed to work with an amazing team of people, but in Blueface I feel we definitely are!

By Victoria McAuley

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