Blueface and Techies for Temple Street

Temple Street

By Joe Roche on June 13, 2018 in Blueface, Events

Blueface is delighted to join over 1500 members of the Irish business community at the 2018 Techies for Temple Street (#T4TS) urban treasure hunt through the streets of Dublin.

T4TS challenges tech and business professionals with a unique mix of digital and outdoor survival activities to raise much-needed funds for the sick children in Ireland.

Blueface will be joining LinkedIn, AIB, AirBnB and more in searching for advanced healthcare facilities and a brighter future for the sick children of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Help Blueface raise money and make a big impact on the lives of little ones by visiting our Fundraising Page or keeping an eye out for our fundraisers in the IFSC.

About #T4TS

Temple Street

Now in its 4th year, Techies for Temple Street helps Temple Street Children’s Hospital provide vital healthcare services for children.

In 2017 alone, #T4TS attracted 1,300 volunteers across 130 companies and raised €225,000, funding two biochemistry analysers and two surgical drills — essential medical equipment for childcare.

The event also serves as an excellent team building, morale-boosting day out for your team and a chance to meet like-minded, treasure-hunting professionals.

Join up or donate via the Blueface Everyday Hero page to support Ireland’s children-in-need.

About Temple Street

Temple Street is Ireland’s leading National Children’s Hospital, providing world-class medical care to 148,000 babies and children from all over Ireland.

They are the National Centre of Excellence for 7 Paediatric Specialties including neurosurgery, renal dialysis and kidney transplants, meaning Temple Street is the only place in Ireland that some children can go to get the vital treatments they need.

How Can I Help?

You can help by donating via the Blueface Team Everyday Hero Page or go a step further and register your own team over on the Blueface website.

Missing out on T4TS? There are a multitude of ways to help Temple Street Children’s Hospital on their website.