The Transformative Power of VoIP

By Brian Martin on July 21, 2017 in Blueface, Communications & VoIP

Reinventing Your Business Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) might sound confusing to you and it did to me when I first heard it! But by the end of this post — you’ll realize it’s just another acronym. VoIP provides huge opportunities for every business from SMEs to Enterprises.

Customer experience consultants, Strativity’s research found that almost 40% of customers interact with their favorite company at least weekly, making the quality of customer interactions very important. 

VoIP, specifically Unified Communications gives businesses visibility over these interactions and the ability to refine their communications processes. Today we’re going to look at three business boosts that a VoIP system allows for.

VoIP enables mobile working

1. Communications & Brand Perception

VoIP phone system gives the customer access to a range of communications channels, ensuring that callers can reach the right person easily.  It lets employees personalize their response and provides analytics that give in-depth customer insights.

Overly-complex Auto-Assistants (Interactive Voice Response) can be frustrating for some, so it is crucial to make the options clear and the right contacts reachable quickly.

Didn’t get it right the first time? UC (Unified Communications) allows businesses to dynamically test and refine their IVR.

Would-be prospects might perform internet research in the evening and reaching voicemail after business hours may not be enough to retain their attention. However, with a VoIP system you can set set-up virtual remote call centers that tackles this issue.

Business owners can set the system to route important after-hour calls to remote agents based at home or in another location, creating an “always open” approach.

2. Increase Your Campaign Conversions

Communication builds trust and relationships. With the amount of online channels in the last decade, it is becoming increasingly rare to speak to a real human. This can be particularly frustrating if a customer has a concern.

Going global is becoming the norm with businesses and this can be made possible with the help of VoIP. Blueface can provide your business with international numbers in 50+ countries.  Localized numbers establishes another layer of trust with your business, removing a big barrier to entry for global operations.

In addition to this it will save your business expansion overheads. The ability to establish new offices at the flip of a switch without the communication expenses allows for market experimentation.

Man looking at sales and marketing reports

3. Unifying Marketing & Sales

This is probably the most important point to note, how VoIP can boost collaboration between between sales and marketing. Customer facing business activities — PR, digital marketing, event networking — all boil down to one thing — generating leads and ultimately, revenue.

Sales can be bolstered by detailed data analytics hosted on a VoIP Unified Communications platform. Sales teams can create more detailed call reports listening to recordings.

This dynamic data creates a better understanding of the customer and can inform the way marketing frame their campaigns. Different VoIP numbers can be used for different campaigns, saving huge time and money by discerning which campaign is having an impact and which isn’t.

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