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By Kamila Cholko on March 3, 2017 in Business, Events, Technology

On March 2nd 2017, Trinity Business School held their annual Trinity Global Business Forum.

The theme this year was “Embracing Disruption: Finding Opportunities in Crises”. Business and university experts congregated to discuss pivotal business challenges, particularly those faced by companies from and/or based in Ireland.

The day comprised of various keynote speakers and group panel sessions, discussing everything from Marketing on a tight budget to Irish business post Brexit.

Blueface General Manager Brian Martin spoke on a panel discussing the theme “What’s New? Future Innovations”. This discussion broadly covered the many technical advancements that are disrupting all aspects of our lives and business. Everything from ordering a taxi to getting access to credit for our companies has been disrupted by modern innovations. Of course, telecoms is no different and Brian was sharing his views about what’s coming down the line and insights about the cutting edge Cloud Telephony Blueface UC Platform that we have launched just a few months back.

All of the speakers were really thought provoking but we feel a couple in particular were worth a special mention, Fiona Dawson and David McWilliams.

Fiona Dawson is Global President of Mars Food, Drinks and Multisales. She spoke about “Women in Leadership: The Missing Middle”. Her presentation spoke of how gender equality exists in business to a point, but seems to drop off in middle management and as a result, means that by circumstances or design that women in business do not often enough deliver on the potential that their careers could/should achieve if all things were equal. Fiona championed the work of some great companies such as her own that encourage all members to put themselves forward for more responsibilities and therefore better-paid roles.

David McWilliams needs no introduction, he has been the voice of Economics for the masses in Ireland for years. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor in Trinity Business School. His wonderfully named speech “Can the Centre hold?” was a talk on the political climate that has arisen within much of Western Europe and America and the effects it has economically on our country. His comparisons with the 1970’s gave those in attendance plenty to think about while they laughed their way through his humorous anecdotes and impeccably crafted theories.

The day finished with a chance to congratulate the excellent work of Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School and the fantastic team of Business School staff and students for hosting this incredible event.

This was only the second time that Trinity Business School have held this form of event, however, based on this year’s showing and execution, it is set to become one of the most popular and relevant gatherings of academics, students and business people that Ireland has to offer.



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