The Blueface UC Store [Guide]

By Joe Roche on April 9, 2018 in Communications & VoIP, Product Update

Upgrading your hardware, accessories and adding credit to your account has never been easier with the Blueface Unified Communications Portal Store!

Want to learn how to navigate the UC Store quickly?
Watch the video above or read below.

You can easily access the UC Portal Store directly from your UC Dashboard by selecting the Shopping Cart Icon in the sidebar menu and selecting Store from the drop-down menu.

Choosing Your Items

Unified Communications Store

Adding items is simple, just hover over the product or top up of your choice, select the quantity and click Add to Cart. Successful Cart additions will be denoted by an icon in the top-right of your screen.

After selecting the desired products, select the notification cart in the top right of your Blueface UC Dashboard, next to the Help Icon.

Clicking on the Cart Icon will display a drop-down menu where customers can:

Return to the UC Store to add more products.
Review the UC Cart before proceeding to the checkout.
Proceed straight to the UC Checkout.

Checking Out

Unified Communications Store

Before an order can be completed, customers will be asked to review their order, you will be asked to review again.

Customers will be asked to review their billing address, shipping address and their order details including product and shipping costs.

Before finalising the order, customers will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions and Confirm Order Details using the tick boxes below the address confirmation boxes.

Once these steps have been completed, click the Blue Confirm Button and your order will be processed.

Review Your Order

Unified Communications Store

Customers can review order by selecting the Cart Icon on the UC Portal sidebar menu and selecting Orders (below the Store tab).

On the Orders tab, customers can view their order history, including:

— Order Reference Codes
— Order Total including VAT
— Order Dates and Status

Order status is colour coded and sorted by Paid, Unpaid and Cancelled.

Selecting the Blue Options Button will reveal a drop-down menu that will allow you to add a payment method or review your order status.

Customers can also add a new payment method by selecting the Green Manage Payment Methods Button.

Before You Order

Please be aware that to support new hardware, customers may be required to purchase another Hosted Seat.

In the event that this is necessary, the Blueface Team will assist customers through the process.

— All prices listed on the UC Portal Store exclude VAT.
— All products and prices listed on the UC Portal Store are subject to supplier discretion.
— Orders are subject to a review process to ensure that accounts can support new hardware.
— All orders are subject to a shipping fee.