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Video Conferencing

By Kamila Cholko on July 25, 2018 in Business, Communications & VoIP, Technology

Blueface is delighted to add Video Conferencing to the already feature-packed Unified Communications Portal. This post will help you understand the video conferencing platform, how to setup a video conference and how much Blueface VC can benefit your business.

What is Blueface Unified Video Conferencing?

Blueface Video Conferencing (VC) – built into the Unified Communications (UC) Portal – allows you to host a real-time face-to-face conference with multiple users through your web browser. Please Note: Blueface VC works best with Google Chrome.

How Does Blueface Video Conferencing Work?

The significant difference between Blueface VC and other suppliers is that Blueface customers don’t have to download an app to use the service. Users can simply log into the Unified Communications portal and start conferencing.

Did you know?
Blueface Video Conferencing (VC) is built using webRTC technology which – through the use of simple APIs – allows browser-based video conferencing.

Blueface video conferencing – available on both mobile and desktop devices – is accessible and easy-to-use. Blueface VC also includes screen sharing, instant messaging and group calls.

How Can Video Conferencing Benefit Your Business?

Let’s start at the top — cost of doing business. Video conferencing allows businesses to reduce operational expenses by reducing the need-to-travel.

Cost Conscious Conferencing
Hiring (remote video interviews), training (real-time interaction via Screen Share), remote team collaboration / management as well as closing deals (Screen Share for live demos).

Businesses who are reluctant to try video conferencing may spend an astronomical amount of money on transit alone. Flying in candidates, lost revenue from off-site training and sometimes fruitless sales meetings. Expenses are high well before cost-of-living expenses.

Savvy businesses will find a provider that offers video conferencing as part of the business phone system solution, built into their Unified Communications portal.

2018 Blueface BCT Report
According to the 2018 Blueface BCT Report, 34% of businesses still outsource their call conferencing solutions, separate from their phone solution.

Blueface UC Features includes VC as standard coupled with communication tools like IP-voice calling, virtual fax, time-of-day routing and Soft Phone (iOS and Android).

Save Time, Productivity and Staff with Video Conferencing

Travelling – whether it’s to, from or for work – is a huge contributing factor to professional fatigue and complete burnout in some cases.

35% of all road warriors are opting to limit their travel time in the near future according to Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), American Express Global Business Travel and tClara report.

2018 Blueface BCT Report
Blueface research indicates that meetings are by far the biggest time drain on a professional’s time. Make them easier with Blueface VC.

If the same “facetime” can be achieved with an easy-to-setup video conference (1-min) plus the duration of the meeting juxtaposed with multiple hours spent on travel and setup. The benefits of video conferencing should be clear for every business owner.

According to the same ARC Road Warriors Report, replacing a senior employee requiring specialized training can cost up to 213% of the employee’s annual salary.

Without offering a remote solution that allows customers to visually engage with your business, valuable salespeople and training experts may leave the company. Offer your beleaguered staff and your customers a flexible option, decrease travel time and expense while increasing staff retention and maintaining the same personal meeting feel.

Crystal Clear Interpretation | The 7% Rule

video conferencing

Video conferencing is not only beneficial for the external communication but also internally. Problems can be resolved faster and services for clients can be developed more quickly, providing a serious competitive edge for your company.

If staff members work remotely or spend a lot of time out of office, maintaining a positive and collaborative work culture can be extremely challenging.

Have you ever wondered why?

Albert Mehrabian | Silent Messages
Mehrabian’s research outlined that 7% of a receiver’s message comprehension is based on the actual words of the sender, 38% is on the basis of paralanguage (the volume, tone and pace of speech) while 55% is on the basis of nonverbal cues (body language).

With Mehrabian’s research in mind, joining on a quick video conference can be the best way to improve the internal communication in your business, particularly if you have remote staff. Words don’t always convey tone but body language bridges the gap.


Let’s refresh the reasons why video conferencing – in particular, Blueface Video Conferencing – can benefit your business.

—Save time and money while adding flexibility and reducing employee churn.
—Blueface Screen Share, IM and File Transfer make collaboration easier than ever.
—Clear cross-company messaging leading to stronger culture internally and remotely.
—Enhanced training solutions for your team.
—Blueface VC is easy-to-use via the UC Portal (Browser) with tons of extra features.

Still don’t see the benefits? Many of your competitors do as video conferencing was voted one of the top 5 UC tools by PC Mag. Like it or not, VC is here to stay.

Talk to Blueface today on chat or call us on 01 524 2000 and get a clearer picture of your business’ collaboration.

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