What Type of Numbers Does Your Business Need?

Business Numbers

By Suzie Foy on April 9, 2019 in Business, Communications & VoIP

Traditionally, analogue telephone numbers were connected to lines in the ground and then connected to your endpoint phones. Blueface operates a VoIP network, which means that your numbers are not connected to any physical lines in the ground and, as a result, you are not geographically tied to any particular location.

Instead, Blueface routes your phone number(s) to a Call Flow. This removes the need for extra numbers which may have previously been needed to enable call hunting. As a side note, no lines means no line rental either.

Now that you know how virtual numbers work, this post will explain to you which type of numbers we have available.

Geographic Numbers

Geographic Numbers

Each Hosted Seat allows for one geographic telephone number. If your business have a telephone number, then you will need to port the number to Blueface.

Did you know?
Blueface can allocate you a brand new number if you require an extra phone number or if you don’t have any existing numbers to port in.

Once a phone number is added to a customer account, Blueface has the ability to route the number to any call flow required. This could mean your number rings directly to the reception phone, to a hunt group, or diverts out to mobile.

Once your number is on our network, Blueface can point your number to any one of your phones regardless of their location. Blueface VoIP phones are plug and play, so, if you decide to take your phone with you to Lanzarote on a holiday, you can still receive calls as usual!

Blueface has access to a set range of numbers by county (Ireland) for example Dublin (01), Cork (021) and Limerick (061).

If you require a brand new Geographic Number, these are all generated at random for you. Any specially requested numbers that are not generated at random, come at an extra cost. These are known as Golden Numbers.

Golden Numbers

Golden Number

A Golden Number is a specially requested number from Blueface which is often easy to remember, specific to your business or aesthetically pleasing. These numbers may have the same digits in sequence or are memorable.

Blueface only has the capability to allocate Golden Numbers that we have available in our reserve.

Stay Gold, Blueface
Blueface wanted our number to be easily identifiable. To create trust and familiarity with customers, our Dublin office is entirely in the 524/525 range.

For any number that we allocate specifically for you, this is added but with an extra cost of €50. Golden numbers are premium as a once off and are not to be confused with another kind of premium numbers — FREEPHONE-1800.

1800 – Toll-Free Numbers

Collect Call

Free phone 1800 numbers – where businesses are billed instead of callers – are obligatory for some organisations such as support or charity services to have available for customers.

Blueface can host your 1800 numbers, whether you have a new one allocated to you by us or port one over.

Along with toll-free numbers, you can also have a shared cost number on the Blueface network. We can allocate 1890 numbers to customers or else you can port one in. Typically shared cost numbers charge the owner and the caller for each call.

Conference Bridge Numbers

Conference Bridge Numbers

Bridge numbers, as they are referred to at Blueface, are single purpose numbers specifically for call conference functionality. At Blueface we offer a list of bridge numbers which you have access to here. Anyone dialling in from the countries can dial locally so they are charged at a local rate.

If you have an account on our UC Portal you will have access to a Conference Room Number and Pin – now you and your participants can dial into the same call.

On the Blueface UC Portal, you have the option to have re-purpose an existing phone number on your account to be used exclusively for conference calls by using our call flow designer. You can also purchase one or more numbers for this purpose if you don’t want to avail of the bridge numbers that Blueface provides.

International Numbering

Above is a list of all of our served international locations.

Any phone numbers outside of the Republic of Ireland is considered an International Phone number. This is because Blueface HQ is located in Ireland.

As an international call carrier, Blueface can allocate international numbers to you for any international office. International numbers come at an extra cost to your plan, per month.

Purchasing an International number works differently to an Irish number. This means Blueface may require proof of ID, proof of International address or both. These requirements are dependant upon the regulations as set by law for each country in which your office will be operational from, these requests are all in line with our data protection laws.

If you want to purchase an International phone number but are not sure of the requirements needed, don’t worry because you will be told everything you need when you call Blueface to make your request.

Virtual Numbers

Virtual Number Porting

Virtual numbers are readily available on the Blueface Network and do not require lines (or line rental) to function.

Unlike the numbers listed above, virtual numbers are unrestricted by geographic location. 076-range virtual numbers can be purchased from Blueface or you can port your existing numbers to the Blueface Network.

Fax Facilities

Many companies such as doctors surgeries or solicitor offices require a fax number and the ability to receive and send a fax. At Blueface, we offer a fax-to-email service (or Virtual Fax service). On the Blueface network, faxes are sent and received without the use of a physical fax machine.

When a fax number operates on the Blueface network, faxes will be received by email and sending a fax is the very same, it’s done by sending an email to a specific domain.

Any geographic number can be used as a fax number instead of a phone number, and if you already have a fax number, you can port this over like any other standard port request.

What’s in a Number? A Lot… It Turns Out

Like most networks, Blueface provides a range of phone numbers for our customers, from fax to freephone and more. Combine this with the use of our Hosted Platform, and you have complete control over your number and how your service operates, at the click of a button.

Personalisation and scalability are features that are all available in real time when you log in to make a change to your call routing.

For more information on UC Portal Features or for queries on costs associated with adding a new number to your existing account, please contact the Blueface Customer Support Team or your nominated account manager on +35315242001.