Winning Combination: Women in Sport & Business are Bang for your buck!

By Brian Martin on June 20, 2013 in Business

Pic: Fiona Kearns & Maria Paola Vercesi enjoying Conference in Smurfit Business School

What does women’s sport offer business? It’s an interesting question and there’s plenty of opportunity to talk about equality, parity & fairness. All correct in my view but too much like a ‘nice to have’ component rather than a compelling business proposition. When looking at sponsorship and other opportunities, what is important for businesses to know?

“Big Business already sees the opportunity of sponsoring Women in Sport”

I believe the true picture is hidden by perception. However, once you consider the research and numbers, what you will quickly find is huge growth and a relatively untapped market. Indeed, you may already have noticed that big business already see the opportunity of sponsoring women in sport. In an environment where we’re all seeking value, there’s a huge amount of value to be achieved and quite frankly that means you get more bang for your buck when sponsoring Women in Sport.

“Get more bang for your buck”

In seeking positive outcomes, a partnership approach where values align are essential for mutual benefit.  The Business of Women’s Sport Conference, hosted by Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business, illustrated very well the connection between Women and Business and the effectiveness of working together.

Well done to all involved,

Fiona Kearns

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