Headset Poly VOYAGER 4220



Headset Poly VOYAGER 4220


The Poly Voyager 4220 UC Bluetooth headset allows users to connect to their mobile device or PC wirelessly. It features a stereo design and a flexible noise cancelling boom microphone to cancel out background noise. It is also equipped with soundguard digital technology that helps protect against sound levels above 118 dBA, while its anti-startle feature is designed to detect and eliminate a sudden increase in signal leveling calls. Time-weighted average also helps to prevent average daily noise exposure from exceeding 85 dBA.

Additional information

Features of the Poly Voyager 4220 UC headset are: 

– Equipped with 2 microphones.

– One with a unidirectional pick-up pattern

– The other is equipped with a MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)-directional design

– It is easy to take on the go with foldable speakers

– Up to 12 hours Talk Time

– Dedicated mute button, as well as voice alerts for mute status


The Poly Voyager 4220 UC Bluetooth Headset is compatible with any PC or mobile device that has Bluetooth connectivity.

Delivery fee of €10 ex VAT applies.