Panasonic TPA 60 Handset

Panasonic TPA 60 Handset

The Panasonic TPA 60 cordless handset can be added on to your Panasonic TGP600 base station for expanded cordless capability. The TPA 60 cordless handset is powerful enough for business use, and features a large 1.8” display screen for navigating the phone’s many functions. The TPA 60 is great for adding a cordless phone to the back room, or as an accessory for employees who need to move around the office or through a warehouse or distribution centre. With the TGP 60 if a phonebook is added to the customer portal it will automatically download to the handset.

€82.00 ex vat

Price ex VAT €82.00

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Features: 8 Lines, Speakerphone, Coloured display, Speed Dial

N.B. Please note that this phone must only be purchased alongside or after you have purchased the TGP 600 as it requires a base station to operate.