Headset Poly BLACKWIRE 3320


Headset Poly BLACKWIRE 3320

The Poly Blackwire 3220 USB-A is a corded UC headset that was designed for use in mass-deployment enterprise environments. It is ideal for workers who need a solution for managing calls on their PC or mobile devices, the Blackwire 3220 offers the comfort and durability of a corded headset combined with improved flexibility. The Blackwire features USB Type-A connectivity.

Additional information

Some features of the Blackwire 3220 USB-A are: 

– Noise-cancelling microphone

– Enhanced digital signal processing ensures clear, natural, and rich audio quality

– Dynamic EQ feature optimises voice quality

– Soundguard technology ensures comfortable listening and acoustic limiting to protect against noise spikes


The Poly Blackwire 3220 USB-A is compatible with PCs and mobile devices through either a USB-A connector or 3.5 mm connector

Delivery fee of €10 ex VAT applies.