Poly IP 6000

Polycom IP 6000

The Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 is a sophisticated IP conference phone that has been designed for holding conference calls in a medium-sized office with up to 12 people. Connecting the Polycom IP 6000 with the Blueface cloud phone system provides real-time device status and easy conference room setup. Reliable call quality allows you to focus on discussion with your colleagues, clients and partners and not the set up of your conference call.

Additional information

The IP 6000 conference phone provides:

Exceptional clarity – Conference calls are spectacularly clear with the HD voice.

The patented Polycom acoustic clarity technology provides the best conference experience.

Flexible room coverage – Benefit from extra expansion cords and support for lapel microphones.

12 foot (3.5 metres) microphone pick-up is perfect for small to medium sized offices.