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Blueface provides SIP trunk deployment for Skype for Business for complete business communications

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Skype for business SIP trunking

Why Blueface & Skype for Business?

Blueface is Microsoft’s preferred carrier for Skype for Business.
Get your deployment up and running in 3 working days with no gateway required for our Skype for Business SIP trunk setup.


Anywhere, anytime, with any Skype for Business enabled device, your employees can now start to experience true mobility with full voice service through Blueface.

Blueface can supply international numbering in over 40 countries to provide a local presence for your company wherever you may be.


No PBX Costs – With Blueface, Skype for Business now becomes your PBX. This eliminates the need for your on-premise PBX, the associated maintenance costs and license fees.

No Line Rental Costs – Blueface allows you to eliminate line rental costs such as PSTN, ISDN, FRA and PRA

Excellent Call Rates – Blueface offers competitive rates globally.


One click call, rich presence and other powerful features all help create a more productive and efficient communications setup for your organisation.

For the Head of IT in your company, Blueface and Skype for Business is an easier solution to manage with burst capability to scale, online portal management, and no need for VPNs or MPLS links to connect multi-site locations.

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