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Call Forwarding

Never miss another business opportunity again.
Increase your business availability with Landline to Mobile feature.

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Don’t lose any more potential customers

Did you know that over 44% of your potential customers prefer to call you on you landline? With Blueface call forwarding feature, you no longer have to be in the office to answer all the landline calls. Just forward them in seconds to your mobile or any other number.

Increase your Business Productivity

Have your main business number call your team during office hours and forward to a specific voicemail, audio message or contact outside of office hours.

Avail of phone system flexibility

As Blueface is based in the cloud you can apply any business rules to your numbers wherever you are. Are you stuck in the traffic and afraid you are missing calls from potential customers? Just log in to your admin portal and forward your landline calls to your mobile. The change will be instant.

Improve your Business Perception

Forwarding incoming calls also allows a business to expand its perceived presence by having multiple numbers forwarded to the same central location. This lets customers call a local or toll-free number, even if they are in a different country, which then forwards their calls to the business’s switchboard or main phone line.

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