Call Recording

Regardless of whether or not your business is obliged to record calls for regulatory reasons, it provides invaluable benefits in the areas of efficiency, customer experience and revenue among others.

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Why record your business calls?

Personnel Training

Adopting call recording for training purposes facilitates the development of your staff through constructive feedback on performance. Everyone from receptionists and a new hire to top sales staff can benefit from a tool which encourages an atmosphere of self-improvement in your business.

Capture any detail you might have missed

Call recording allows your employees to actively listen during the call as they have the comfort to always come back to the recording if need be and obtain all the details they may have overlooked.

Effectively meet your customers’ needs and boost your revenue

The countless hours of interaction between your staff and customers are an invaluable resource that can be harnessed. Call recordings can be shared with R&D teams to improve general understanding of how customers use the product, their needs and pain-points, the product shortcomings and in turn use these insights to improve it.

Obtain Testimonials

Customers don’t just call when they have a problem or to complain. Occasionally, they call to say that they are happy with your service.
Thanks to call recordings and with customer permission, you can easily repurpose this compelling content in future marketing campaigns at no extra cost.

Improve regulatory compliance and reduce associated costs

Recorded calls can help you comply with legal, industry and service-level compliance guidelines, while also allowing for a proactive approach in disputes or in defence against litigation from disgruntled customers. In this sense, call recordings can help your company save money as well as legal headaches.

Regardless of whether or not you’re obliged to use it in your business, the call recording feature on our Blueface UC platform provides a plethora of benefits while also being easy to setup and use.

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How it works?

With Blueface UC Portal you can easily turn on and off the call recording feature on individual user devices as well as record conference calls without any on-premise equipment. You will be able to access it from anywhere.

We will store 100 hours of recording time as standard per account. Recording will be available for active accounts to playback or download for 90 days once the message has been recorded, after that they will automatically delete. A bulk download mechanism and advanced search capabilities are also available on the UC Portal interface.