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Disaster Recovery

Get seamless communications continuity, even when disaster strikes to your service architecture

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Automatic Failover

Blueface operates a split switch across two data centres which power our VoIP platform. Even if one of our centres goes down, your Blueface service will be unaffected. Since Blueface runs over the top on broadband infrastructure it allows you to avoid analogue line faults if you employ two broadband connections taking diverse routes.

Support Expertise

Our hosted platform is manned by a team of network engineers that monitor it 24/7/365 to ensure the highest levels of availability. We have invested over €1.5 million to offer businesses a best in class VoIP solution.

Connection Checking

Blueface phones are constantly pinged to check a connection exists and where this connection fails, the backup numbers kick in. Simply configure your backup numbers via your account portal.

Bespoke Disaster Recovery

If your business operates in a call critical enviroment talk to our team today to discuss the different options available for disaster recovery.

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